Feb 11, 2015


From All-Weather to Ultra-zoom, the New COOLPIX Series Lets Users Capture Beautiful Memories Wherever They Are

Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd today released the second range of its Spring 2015 COOLPIX digital cameras, offering versatile options to create beautiful images and videos. Be it on an excursion, at home or in their backyard, the seven new cameras help preserve stunning moments up-close, afar, above or under water, delivering high performance functionalities while creating lifelong memories.


“With high-speed response for a 60x optical zoom camera, the COOLPIX P610 also boasts a new, impressive Dual Detect Optical VR technology with a shutter speed effect of approximately 5.0 stops faster and ACTIVE mode. 

Our other COOLPIX star, the AW130, is the explorers’ sturdy companion to achieve spectacular underwater photography down to a depth of approximately 30 meters. 

Nevertheless, S33 is the perfect camera for everyone. Waterproof, shockproof, and resistant to dust and cold, the S33 is always ready to endure the elements of any kids and family outing with its affordable price range.” said David Ng, General Manager of Consumer Products Marketing Division Imaging Group, Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

“Nikon is also pleased to introduce the new time-lapse feature in COOLPIX P610 and AW130, so users can easily experience impressive time transition movies. From portability and simplicity, to stylish and dynamic, and up to an extensive features with premium appeal, each camera in the Spring 2015 range represents a customised choice for all users.”

The Nikon COOLPIX P610: Get Up-close and Personal

Understanding that the best photo opportunities are unpredictable, the new 16.0-megapixel*1 COOLPIX P610 comes with an advanced high-speed response of approximately 0.8 seconds for its start-up time, and a shooting time lag*2 of only approximately 0.12 seconds. 

Along with the Dual Detect Optical VR to provide an image stabilization equivalent to a shutter speed effect of approximately 5.0 stops*3 through the newly adopted VR algorithm, catching priceless moments at a sold-out concert or travel photography is made almost effortless. The notable VR technology effectively reduces the effects of camera shake, and alongside the ACTIVE mode to compensate image blur caused by camera shake while moving, users can be sure to expect crisp photos and steady videos.

Bringing the power of NIKKOR optics to those who demand uncompromising image quality, the COOLPIX P610 has a 60x optical zoom from a wide-angle 24mm to 1440mm (35mm format equivalent) range, with the capability to reach even further using 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom*4. Making sure users can comfortably enjoy this ultra-zoom, its compact size and light weight present it as the perfect companion in a variety of situations. Users can also shoot for the stars and treetops with the P610’s dedicated moon and bird-watching scene modes.

With Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities*5 and built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity*6, special moments can be shared with family and friends immediately by transferring content to a compatible smart device and uploading onto social networks with the use of the free Wireless Mobile Utility app*6. Furthermore, GPS/GLONASS/QZSS support*7 records detailed location information on shooting sites (latitude and longitude), allowing those who are on-the-go, to share their favourite places with friends and family.

Composing the perfect photo or video is simple with the P610. With a backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor, the COOLPIX P610 is capable of capturing detailed photos, Full HD 1080/60p video and the newly added time-lapse movies, even in challenging lighting conditions. In addition, a zoom microphone ensures clear and crisp sound quality when both optical and digital zoom are utilised. Sound from subjects in front of the camera can be effectively emphasized according to the zoom operation during movie recording.

Precious moments are not missed, with a dedicated eye sensor, which automatically switches from monitor shooting to viewfinder as soon as the eye gets close. This grants the user greater and smoother control when switching between shooting styles.

The P610 also provides superior chromatic aberration correction capability, afforded by the incorporation of a Super Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lens element. A premium feature usually found only in lenses for DSLRs, image quality is assured even at a high zoom ratio.
Getting the perfect shot at various angles is a breeze with the high resolution 921k-dot, 3.0-inch vari-angle LCD display. The COOLPIX Picture Control further allows sharpness, colour saturation and other settings to be adjusted prior to shooting according to individual needs. This empowers users to take control and experiment with eye-popping saturated hues, muted natural tones or classic monochrome, among others.

High quality build is the key design language for the P610. Refined styling takes inspiration from SLR cameras, embodying the outstanding features of this COOLPIX model. The P610 weighs just about 565 grams and is approximately 125.0 (W) x 85.0 (H) x 106.5 (D) mm in size.

This compact powerhouse is available in Black and Red.

The Nikon COOLPIX AW130: Always Ready to Rumble

Made for those who are ready for the outdoors, the COOLPIX AW130 is a 16.0-megapixel*1 shooter with a backside illumination CMOS sensor. Combined with a f/2.8 NIKKOR lens and high-performance Vibration Reduction (VR), users can shoot splendid images with minimal camera shake and blur. Explorers will have no problems capturing all the action up-close with the 5x optical zoom capability and 10x Dynamic Fine Zoom*4.

The AW130 boasts a rugged design and solid construction that enables high performance in an assortment of conditions. Waterproof up to a depth of approximately 30m, it is also compliant with the Advanced Open Water (AOW) certification, making it a handy diving companion. Additionally, the AW130 can survive a drop of approximately 2.1m, and resist cold temperatures down to -10°C.

Globetrotting travellers will appreciate a host of advanced features such as GPS/GLONASS/QZSS support*7, a built in map with a dedicated “MAP” button, as well as an electronic compass and outdoor information display. Handy information such as latitude and longitude, altitude, air pressure, and points of interest, is accessible with the press of a button.
Once done, masterpieces can be immediately uploaded with instant connectivity, by simply tapping a smart device on the camera’s NFC antenna*5 to activate the AW130’s built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity*6. With Wi-Fi®, automatic image transfer to a smart device, and remote shooting, are made possible through the use of the Wireless Mobile Utility app*6. Photos can then be uploaded to favourite social media networks almost immediately, making sharing a breeze.

The AW130 supports Full HD movie recording in 1080/60i formats, delivering smooth movement and stereo sound. Create video montages of thrilling moments with Short Movie Show, which automatically combines several fixed length movie files into creative 30-second clips. Take things further with the ability to capture breath-taking time-lapse movies which can be selected via the new feature made available in Scene mode, and choose between pre-configured modes for various scenes such as cityscapes, landscapes, sunsets amongst others.

Not just for action and adventure, the camera also features a Smart Portrait Mode. During shooting, enjoy new functions like Blink Proof, Smile Timer, and Self-collage, in addition to the existing features. Further enhance pictures once taken, with the Glamour Retouch feature’s twelve options, letting users adjust everything from the colour of their lipstick, eye size and mascara. 

Every aspect of the AW130’s exceptional styling was designed for easy operation during outdoor activities, with the modern-day adventurer in mind. A textured grip surface line the edges to assist slippery hands and prevents unnecessary tumbles, while buttons can be directly accessed without menu operation, even when wearing gloves.

Its dimensions are 110.4 (W) x 66.0 (H) x 26.8 (D) mm, weighs approximately 221g (including battery, SD memory card), and is available in Orange, Blue, Yellow, Black and Camouflage.

The Nikon COOLPIX L840: Unleash Power and Superiority   

Perfect for users who require a multi-functional camera, with a suite of powerful features for capturing images in a variety of shooting conditions is the COOLPIX L840 with an impressive 38x optical zoom (22.5mm to 855mm, 35mm format equivalent) and 76x Dynamic Fine Zoom*4 (approximately 1710mm, 35mm format equivalent).

Packed with a multitude of features that help capture these moments, the L840 comes with 16.0 megapixels*1, a backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor and high ISO (6400) sensitivity to catch fine detail regardless of the light condition, while the high-performance lens-shift Vibration Reduction (VR) reduces camera shake and blur for sharp and clear images. Aiding in this camera’s functionality, is the inclusion of a 921k-dot, 3.0-inch wide-viewing-angle TFT LCD tilting monitor, providing beautiful colour reproduction and flexibility in shooting from a range of angles.

Further simplifying the photography experience is the Snap-back Zoom button. During telephoto shooting, zoom position can be shifted to the wide-angle (W) side, and subjects that are out of the frame temporarily can be instantly recaptured. An additional feature, side zoom control, enables smooth zooming operation while users securely hold the lens barrel with their left hand.

With the L840’s NFC-support*5 and built-in Wi-Fi®*6, stay connected with friends and family and send high quality images to a smart device via the free Wireless Mobile Utility app*6. The Wi-Fi® connectivity also enables remote shooting using a smart device for handy hands-free photography when taking a selfie or a group shot.

Video-recording is a delight with the ability to record Full HD movies in 1080/60i format and rich stereo sound, with the touch of a button. Furthermore, the Short Movie Show function combines several movie files of a fixed length for entertaining 30-second videos to be shared with friends and family.

Focusing power is quick, accurate and simple, with both Pre-Focus (AF) and Target Finding autofocus (AF). The Pre-AF function automatically achieves sharp focus even with zoom shooting or in low-lit situations, activating immediately upon the detection of camera shake. This is further supported by Target Finding AF which automatically selects and focuses on the subject when the user frames the picture.

The L840 is ready for any situation, with 18 pre-set Scene modes featuring optimal settings for various shooting conditions. Two new additions include the bird-watching mode and moon mode which take advantage of the camera’s powerful zoom features.

L840 users can also help their subjects or selfies look their best with the evolved Smart Portrait Mode. Smart features like Blink Proof, Smile Timer and Skin Softening are at hand to ensure the best shot of group and family portraits are captured. An array of Glamour Retouch options are also available to help subjects look their best, with twelve options for the eyes, skin and mouth areas. In addition, users have the freedom to edit creatively during shooting with nine Special Effects modes, allowing them to get nostalgic with sepia, or classy with monochrome, and visualize the image before taking the shot. During playback, take things further with fisheye, miniature effect and other Quick Effects.

The high quality of the L840 is expressed in its design and build, and much attention was given to the daily usage situations of the camera. The natural grip line starting from the shutter-release button provides a comfortable yet secure grip in the hand, ensuring comfort and safety during usage. Its stellar features are packed into a compact body design, approximately 113.5(W) x 78.3(H) x 96.0(D) mm and weighing approximately 538g.

Get the powerful L840 in Red, Black and Plum.

The Nikon COOLPIX S33: Let the Good Times Roll

Here’s to capturing hours of outdoor fun with the 13.2-megapixel*1, COOLPIX S33 with 3x optical and 6x Dynamic Fine Zoom*4. Equipped with a CMOS sensor and a NIKKOR lens, image quality is guaranteed, whatever the weather.

Be it on the beach with the kids or on a ski holiday with friends, this waterproof (up to 10m), shockproof (resists a drop of 1.5m), cold-resistant (down to approx. -10°C) and dustproof (JIS/IEC protection Class 6 (IP6X) equivalent) camera allow thrill-seekers to focus more on their shot and less on their gear. Additionally, have fun with the Underwater Face Framing function that automatically detects people’s faces underwater to release the shutter, perfect for those who want to shoot all the fun underwater. Target Finding autofocus, which detects and focuses on the primary subject when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway, is also available in point and shoot mode.

Full HD movies in 1080p/30fps format can be recorded in an instant with the push of a dedicated “movie-start” button, for the quick capture of holiday videos, while the electronic Vibration Reduction (VR) reduces the effects of camera shake for sharp and clear visuals that everyone can enjoy. Mix things up further with the movie miniature function, by taking videos from a high angle, such as from above a crowded street, beach or airport, and create amusing movie clips in which subjects look like miniature models or toys.

Great shots can be made even better with the Glamour Retouch function, a delightful feature which will keep both young and old entertained. With twelve options to experiment with, users can remove eye bags, reduce shine and add make-up with the push of a button.

A camera made for families with young ones, Variety Menu can be selected to display features designed with children in mind. These include 16 Scene modes including Bubble, Neon and Cartoon Effects, extra frame decorations, animated icons, along with illustrated backgrounds, welcome screens and other kid-friendly functions. With a cheerful, intuitive graphical user interface, the easy-to-use S33 is the perfect way to introduce young children to the wonderful world of photography.

At approximately 109.5 (W) x 67.0 (H) x 37.6 (D) mm and weighing approximately 180g, this colourful shooter is compact and neatly shaped for an enhanced fit for hands of all sizes. The design approach is friendly and accessible, with raised controls and larger buttons for easy access to the movie start and shutter-release buttons. It can also be tricky to hold on to the camera while enjoying outdoor activities, hence the S33 has adopted a rounded form which fits nicely in the hand, as well as expanded grip areas to help users hold on tight.

Downtime is definitely not fun time, and S33 overcomes low battery issues with a Micro-USB port for quick charging. Keep on snapping with charging time shortened by approximately 65% as compared to previous model.

This bundle of fun is available in Blue, Yellow, White and Pink.

1 Image processing may reduce the number of effective pixels

2 Based on CIPA standards, measured at maximum wide-angle position, subject brightness measuring 10 LV, programmed auto exposure, Single AF autofocus mode

3 Based on CIPA standards, measured at approx. 350 mm (35mm format equivalent)

4 Dynamic Fine Zoom magnification is calculated from the full-wide end of optical zoom. Dynamic Fine Zoom refers to the areas in which the camera can zoom while maintaining resolution from the maximum optical telephoto zoom position

5 NFC-compatible Android™ smartphones and tablets (AndroidTM 4.0 or later)

6 Wireless Mobile Utility must be downloaded onto a smart device (compatible with iOS/AndroidTM) to use the Wi-Fi® function. Wireless Mobile Utility can be downloaded for free from the appropriate application store. Wireless transfer of videos is available only on the Android OS

7 GLONASS refers to “Global Navigation Satellite Systems” operated by Russia. QZSS refers to ‘Quasi Zenith Satellite System’ commissioned by the Japanese Government

8 Based on CIPA standards, measured at the maximum telephoto position

9 Among compact digital cameras equipped with a 20x optical zoom lens available as of February 10, 2015, based on Nikon research

Price and availability

Price and stock availability are yet to announce. For more information on the 2015 Spring COOLPIX range and other Nikon products, please visit www.nikon.com.my 


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