Feb 16, 2015


Being the recipient of 5 awards in the recent MIGF 2014, Charcoal at THE SAUJANA HOTEL dares to be different with its themed nightly buffet dinners at 'one unique price'.

THE SAUJANA HOTEL is one of the classiest hotels around Petaling Jaya with breathtaking architecture, decor and sceneries. Adopting its name from an old Malay expression 'sejauh di sana' which means 'as far as the eye can see'- THE SAUJANA HOTEL Kuala Lumpur is a place where comfort, scenic beauty and unconditional privacy abound.

Nestled amidst 160-hectares of lush tropical gardens, this 210- room retreat is adjoined to two 18 -hole championship golf courses of the Saujana Golf & Country Club, a true haven whether you are there for business or pleasure.


Yours truly was mesmerized by the beauty of THE SAUJANA HOTEL just as soon as I stepped foot out of my car.  The concierge and security guards were definitely professional and helpful as they quickly pointed out the way to Charcoal.

There is regular seating and banquette seating, and diners can choose to dine-in air conditioned or al fresco area. There is also a private hall great for any company events and a few smaller private rooms for those who prefer to dine in privacy . 

Guest will enjoy the contemporary, elegant and  cosy ambience and be mesmerized like yours truly here at the beautiful open kitchen in the centre is where all the BBQ and grilling actions take place. From time to time, we can enjoy sights of embers.  

Charcoal has wall-to ceiling glass panels that overlook the lovely landscape and is quite cosy and warm at night. The warm wood colors create soothing earth tones with the cool gray walls and rich leather furniture.

There are three themed nights... so if you have a craving for Nyonya dishes, head over to Charcoal on Thursdays, where you can get your fill of authentic Peranakan dishes cooked with love from scratch by the infamous Chef Auntie Belle, a true Portuguese legacy all the way from Malacca. Enjoy the best of her variations of scrumptious Nyonya cuisine such as Duck Soup with Salted Vegetables, Curry Laksa, Pineapple Prawn Curry, Chicken Devil Curry, Ketam Goreng Halia (Fried Crab with Ginger), Chap Chai (Vegetables and Beancurd) and Butter Prawns with Oats.

Hungering for fresh, quality seafood? You would love to get a taste of the freshest marine harvest at Charcoal's buffet dinner on Friday nights!!! Sample a tantalizing spread of an amazing selection of seafood cooked and grilled in a variety of flavours prepared at live stations, along with hot dishes and desserts. Check out menu hightlights such as Flower Crab, Australian Oysters, Tiger Prawns, Slipper Lobster Tails, Salmon Steaks, Sea Bass, Green Lip Mussels, Gem Fish, Squid, Snapper Fillet, Clams and Cockles

More of a chargrilled BBQ person? Indulge in an infinite supply of tender cuts of quality meats and seafood cooked to perfection with tasty side dishes, selection of sauces and a tantalizing fresh salad bar. You will definitely have an amazing time enjoying a wholesome meal with your entire family with choice selections of Beef Sirloin Steak, Roast Beef Ribeye, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Leg Steaks, Chicken/Lamb Satay, Koftas, Duck Breast, Stingray Fish, Squid, Seabass Fillet, Snapper, Corn on the Cob and Baked Sweet Potato Wedges.

When I was there to enjoy my Seafood Buffet with a few other blogger pals last Friday, I was also lucky to be treated to an exclusive Fashion Show by iKarrtini. The designs were definitely beautiful and made me want to break the bank to own one of those exquisite gowns.... Check out the photos....

Don't you think the gowns are so to die for? Gosh, if only I had chunks of money in my bank account, I would go out and get some of these amazing designs, by Malaysia's own Batek Queen, Kartini Ilias.

......and the last model.. the 'tak laku' one..... hahahaha...

And.... here are some more tantalizing dishes which were on our table.... 

If you are tempted by all these, what else are you waiting for? Head over to Charcoal or make a reservation now!!! 

For more details of the Thematic Feast , go to http://shr.my 

Call: 03- 7843 1234 ext 6122


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    1. Best... suasana yang cukup indah..... makanan pun sedap

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    1. let's go..... hehehe got invitation and time ok, go only.....

  3. i love the food..especially the lamb.. nom.nom.nom...

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