Feb 22, 2015

Chinese New Year decorations at Gardens at Mid Valley, Selangor

These pictures are meant to be shared with my blog readers and friends from all over, so for my readers and those residing in KL , forgive this post as it is probably a blaaaah post with pictures you have seen countless times during this festive season.... hahahah

It is pretty interesting to find yourself  “Under the Wisteria Spell” at The Gardens mall, through a land of blossoming wisteria. I think it is just so pretty and romantic when I brought my little girl here a couple of weeks ago....


The ground floor of the Gardens at Mid Valley mall are filled with whimsical wisteria blossoms that falls in lovely clusters....

Besides the pretty boughs of wisteria,feel free to take selfies or pose with the lovely decorations of the delicate flower, umbrellas, tea sets, Chinese calligraphy stalls and patterned furniture around the mall.

The Gardens at Mid Valley mall is also had a Instagram contest for all the selfie addicts like yours truly and such . So some could stand to win interesting little goodies... from the mall....




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