Feb 17, 2015

Valentine's Day lunch with #team50my at Empire Hotel Subang

It was Valentine's Day but I was at the Empire Hotel and Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang, last Saturday to attend a lunch held for the POTC #team50my bloggers. And while we were waiting for lunch, we wandered around the Empire Shopping Gallery. 

Being in the Chinese New Year mood, the Empire Shopping Gallery was decorated with the theme Prosperity in the Clouds.

Photo credit to Sherry Go

When I stepped into the mall, I could almost imagine myself walking on the clouds with the decorations and the cute God of Prosperity making cute faces all around. 

Photo credit to Sherry Go

It is said that  in Chinese tradition, clouds are seen as auspicious symbols as the Chinese pronunciation for the word cloud can also mean luck or fortune. So here I am hoping I can get more prosperity for the coming year...

Photo credit to Sherry Go

If you are there on weekends, naturally, there are a lot of activities going on like a Chinese Drum performance, Lion Dance and so on.

Photo credit to Sherry Go

I must say I think the most exciting activity here is the chance to win yourself up to RM1000 in shopping vouchers during their Prosperity Hour!!!! Almost no one can resist this chance...

Photo credit to Sherry Go

All you have to do is to go to any of the outlets or restaurants in the Empire Shopping Gallery and spend at least RM20. Once you have done that, gather at the Main Concourse event area at the Prosperity Hour which is I think at 1 pm and 4 pm ... and get your lucky ticket. 

You have to put it into the God of Prosperity's mouth and give out your Chinese New Year wish , then you will receive an angpow or gift from the God of Prosperity.

Here is our #team50my team leader, Dr Sidney Kan trying his luck.....

And well.... here is mine.... hehehe... I only received RM10 though... but I got myself a book, a snack and a lollipop at the Popular Bookshop...

After, shopping and trying our luck, our tummies started rumbling and we hastened back to the Kitchen Art Brasserie at the Empire Hotel Subang for our lunch.

The Kitchen Art Brasserie is a lovely contemporary restaurant with a variety of settings. You can choose a classy seating for two or a more laid back dining experience with family and friends. There is also a private room for a company event/function.

The buffer spread was pretty generous and attractive.  And being hungry, I started to take my food....but naturally, cannot resist taking a few photographs of the spread....

My nom-noms..... hehehe.... 

You will have to excuse me because I have a sweet tooth and definitely love my desserts lots!!!!.... hehehe...

And below, pictures with blogger pals of #team50my

Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai from all of us.....eh wait... my picture is not there... hahaha... never mind... 

Last but not least, I got my fortune cookie there, and my fortune on a little slip of paper read 
"You have ambitious goals and keep seeking opportunities"

Address: Empire Hotel Subang Jaya,
 Jalan SS16/1, 
47500 Subang Jaya, 

Tel: 03-55651388
Opening hours: Daily 7.00 am – 10.30 pm 


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