Feb 7, 2015

Celebrating the Chinese New Year Holidays and Festivities at KidZania Kuala Lumpur

KidZania introduces Chinese New Year seasonal activities, classes, contests and festive fun!!

Award -winning edutainment center, KidZania Kuala Lumpur has boosted up its activity line-up with a variety of Chinese New Year festive and cultural fun. Look forward to experiencing new seasonal establishment activities, a special calligraphy master class , calligraphy contest and so much more if you are visiting KidZania these few weeks!! 

Finished visiting the relatives, kids are bored and don't know what to do on Chinese New Year? Bring them to KidZania and let them roam free there!!

Yours truly was treated to a mini tour around KidZania and even had the opportunity to go inside some places I had never gotten a chance to enter... LOL

OK.. in regards to the picture below - the KidZania CIMB Bank... there is nothing special for Chinese New Year about the KidZania bank but it is the most important and the first stop all kids going in KidZania must head to... to exchange their cheque for KidZos. So, don't forget... it is your first step or you won't have any KidZos to use....

Many girls would definitely love to get a make over or give a make over here at the Kurlz beauty salon. Kids can pay KidZos to get a make over done or earn KidZos giving a make over to other kids.

Stop by the KaratZ  Jewelry Store to make your own bracelet....

For Chinese New Year, you can make a Goat/Sheep charm bracelet here!!

Learn to make a paper fan for this Chinese New Year and decorate it however you want...

... you can do this at the STABILO Arts and Crafts Studio...

This is one of the places adults except for the KidZania staff are not allowed in... so getting a chance to see it was a real treat for us.

This is the Flight Simulator for all junior pilots

And the are for the stewards and stewardesses to do their duty...

The operating theatre at the KidZania KPJ Specialist Hospital...

The teleprompter for the newcasters and weather girls/boys to read from...

...when they are on air at the small TV3/ NTV7 studio....

Ok, a quick run up of what other Chinese New Year themed activities are available... there is 
 Chinese New Year themed art at the Painting School, the kids can design their own notebook cover at the DELL Notebook Factory, there will be themed wallpaper on the mobile phones at SOX Mobile Phone Zone. Kids will also get the opportunity to write an article on the Lunar New Year happenings at the New Straits Times Press News Room as well as making song dedications at hitz.fm Radio Station and much more.

Outside of the establishments, KidZania Kuala Lumpur is set to come alive with festive cheer as hourly New Year dance performances and city parades liven up the streets. Visitors coming in to KidZania during this period will also be able to get complimentary KidZania Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year Spring Couplets, otherwise known as chunlian. Painted by Master Wong Ho, President of the Calligraphy Society of Malaysia, these couplets offer good wishes along the theme of "prosperity", "good fortune" and "happiness" to the home for the New Year.

Shahrul Nizar Ahmad, Mayor (GM) of KidZania said that they were especially excited about hosting a Chinese calligraphy master class and calligraphy contest with the hope that the class will provide the rare opportunity for visitors of all ages and races to learn more about this amazing Chinese culture inherent art.

The master class will be held in KidZania from 3.30pm to 5pm from February 7th and is open to all visitors to KidZania . As an extension of the master class, KidZania Kuala Lumpur will be holding a calligraphy contest in order for calligraphers young and old to further hone their skills in the ancient art. 

It will be divided into 3 age categories, which are offered to children age between 7-12 years (category A), teenagers aged between 13-17 years (category B) and adults 18years and above (category C). The contest preliminary round will take place from 7th February until 15th February.

Finalist from all three categories will be selected to attend the grand final on February 28 where they will all have to re create their submissions under Master Wong's (and a panel of appointed judges) watchful eye. The winners will stand to win prizes consisting of KidZania Kuala Lumpur tickets and merchandises.

To end our media preview, we got to Lo Hei the Yee Sang to toss for a happy and prosperity Lunar New Year.

Thank you KidZania for having me and for this awesome preview... to know more about KidZania,

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