Feb 3, 2015

Reebonz Partners The Dream Boyz’ FS On The Dreams Do Come True Campaign

If you like luxury branded stuff, you would definitely love Reebonz (pronounced ‘ribbons’), Asia’s trusted online shopping destination for buying and selling the widest variety of luxury brands. 

Anyway, Reebonz is presently set to reward its members with RM18,000 in luxury products and cash vouchers this Lunar New Year through its Dreams Do Come True Campaign.

The campaign is in conjunction with Reebonz’ first official sponsorship of the soon to be released Chinese language movie, the Dream Boyz, that stars hot singing duo FS (Fuying and Sam) among its leads.
Directed by Ryon Lee, the film follows the youthful dreams of a group of schoolmates,  and how they come together as adults to make their dream deferred come true.

Understanding that for many young people owning luxury products may seem a dream too far, Reebonz has chosen to highlight the inspirational message of The Dream Boyz through the characters in the movie that are played by Fuying and Sam.
Modeled around the concept of “accessible luxury”, Reebonz brings to its members a well-curated collection of new and pre-owned luxuries from the best designer brands in the world.
In line with Reebonz brand promise, the company is giving its Malaysians members the opportunity to make their dream of luxury come true. To participate, just log in to Reebonz, watch a video, answer a simple question and complete the slogan. There is no membership fee and no purchase is required. The winner will receive the grand prize of a Balenciaga City Classic worth more than RM6,000!

The campaign will run from February 10 to February 28, 2015.
According to Reebonz Malaysia, Country General Manager Mr. Tang Siew Wai, the brand immediately recognised the potential for tie-ups with The Dream Boyz when they were approached to be a sponsor thanks to the uplifting theme, inspirational storyline, and a star-studded cast with Ryon Lee directing.
“The initial pitch of the movie was inspirational as it held a message of encouraging and motivating people especially young people to make their dreams come true. While Reebonz is an online retailer, we are also in the business of helping people live their dreams. Owning luxury goods is a dream for many, and with the growth of online retailing, it is ever more accessible. However, for customers who are looking for ‘deals’ from dodgy sites, they run they risk of seeing their dreams turn to nightmares when the luxury products they aspire to own turn out to be fakes,” Mr. Tang explained.
“With Reebonz, we ensure that our members’ dreams of owning luxury come true in the sweetest way possible – authentic products, on-time and free delivery, easy payment, and always pleasant surprises within our signature Reebonz packaging. The collaboration between Reebonz and The Dream Boyz helps us get this message of dreaming big dreams and achieving them to a wider audience,” he said.  
Reebonz which was founded in 2009 has established itself as the most trusted online brand when it comes to buying and selling luxury products. It currently carries hundreds of designer brands under its portfolio including Hermes, Chanel, LV, Dior, Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci, Givenchy and more. The brand has more than 2.5 million members in the region.
For The Dream Boyz’ FS Fuying and Sam, who are among the main leads, the movie and their collaboration with Reebonz has been true to their own life experience.
The duo highlighted that success and achieving dreams requires time and effort but noted that with perseverance and determination, it is very possible to see a dream into reality.
“We’re living our dream. It has taken us a few years to get here but if anyone had told me that I would be an actor in a movie when I was at school, even I wouldn’t have believed it. The Dream Boyz movie has many similarities with our schooldays and with where we are now. This is why we feel that the Reebonz Dreams Do Come True campaign is a great motivation for people to dream big!,” Sam of FS shared.
Fuying of FS was equally open with his approach to work, life and dreams.
“We work hard. This gives us little time for rest, so it is important to reward ourselves to keep the motivation level high. In the Dream Boyz, my character was shopping on the site to buy gifts for my mom and girl friend. In reality I am a Reebonz member and make purchases for my mom and my sister in appreciation of their love, care and support for me. And yes, I do buy items for myself, too!” Fuying said.
The Dream Boyz will be in cinemas from February 12, 2015 and critical response to the premier screening has been overwhelmingly positive.
In conjunction with the campaign, Reebonz has  released a promotional video featuring FS Fuying and Sam in their The Dream Boyz characters on its social media platforms, including its official Facebook & Youtube page, the Reebonz website and its contest microsite. The video aims to raise awareness on Reebonz and is an invitation to Malaysian to be part of the Reebonz community.
“Dream do come true, and Reebonz is here to help you achieve that dream of owning luxury,” said Mr. Tang in closing.
For more information on the Dreams Do Come True Campaign, log on to http://www.reebonz.com.myor go.reebonz.com/DreamsComeTrue.

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