Nov 19, 2015

A collection of 10 Lee Min Ho's TVC you won't want to miss..

This blog post is strictly for fun and for Lee Min Ho's fans which my little girl is and I also am.... hahaha.....They are from several TVCs I came across on YouTube, so these are all sourced from YouTube...I do not own any of them...and well, they belong to their respective owners.. just sharing for the fun of sharing and enjoying it.. LOL

So.... enjoy!!!

This is the latest Lee Min Ho an Emily Chan TVC where Min Ho is running a marathon and he almost wins it but pauses to check out those hot deals on 11Street...hahahah

I like this one... I wonder can I get one of those machine... LOL.....

Who wouldn't like Min Ho sending a box of Ferrero Rocher to their home??? Hands up anyone??!!

This is pretty interesting and almost NOT a TVC.. I was so intrigue by it......

Makes you want to eat that Orion Chocolate Cake.....doesn't it....

I like this... so cute....

Got me craving for KyoChon.... I want my KyoChon now.....

Oh my... that iced coffee is worth getting a bonk in the head for?!!

Interesting drink....... hehehe

Korea, I am coming there in June 2016... hope my daughters and I can bump into Min Ho too.... hahaha, and we probably will, in our dreams...LOL

Hope you enjoyed it.... hahahaha

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