Nov 4, 2015

Are you up for the Tony Roma’s Ribs-Eating Contest 2015...

So, are you one of the carnivores in Malaysia... carnivores being people who eat red meat... and with a gusto...If you are, you will be pleased to know that Tony Roma’s, famous for its lip-smacking succulent signature beef ribs and steak, pays a special tribute to all Malaysian eat eaters with the return of the highly anticipated Tony Roma’s Ribs-Eating Contest 2015.

Besides bragging rights, the winners in the male and female categories will be getting to indulge in Tony Roma’s celebrated ribs, completely free of charge for an entire year!

So from now until 22 November (in Johor Bahru) and 23 November (in Klang Valley), every purchase of Tony Roma’s Bountiful Beef Ribs (Roma Rack or Full Slab) at any of Tony Roma’s nine outlets  entitles customers  to one entry form. 

However if you purchase a Beef 10 dish, you will  be getting three entry forms.

Eight male customers and eight female customers will be picked in a draw at the end of the contest period to participate in the grand final of the contest. Scheduled to be held at Tony Roma’s in Komtar JBCC and Citta Mall, the final event will take place in the malls on 27 November 2015 and 28 November 2015 respectively.

While female participants have their challenge cut out for them, competing to eat Tony Roma’s indulgent Beef 3, the men will compete with the “heavier” Beef 10! The mechanics for the final event is simple enough – the fastest wins!

 “This is the third time the Ribs-Eating contest is organised for our loyal customers who keep coming back for our delicious menu of signature ribs, world-famous onion loaf and other flame-grilled entrées. In the last Beef 10 contest held in 2009, the winner clocked eight minutes.  That’s the time to beat to set a new record this year,” said Johnny Pan, Marketing Manager of Grand Companions Sdn Bhd, Licensed Franchisee of Tony Roma’s in Malaysia,

The contest has already created a frenzy among hardcore meat eaters. Members of a Harley Davidson bikers club were recently seen patronising Tony Roma’s in Citta Mall to chomp down on the eatery’s Bountiful Beef Ribs for a chance to qualify themselves for the contest.

“Besides cruising the open road with the wind in our faces, there’s nothing more satisfying than a juicy world famous beef rib to gratify even the biggest appetite - and Tony Roma’s does it really well!” said club member, Mike Lacey.
For more information about Tony Roma’s Rib-Eating contest, visit


  1. Wah! Ribs eating competition is cool. It has been a while since I last attend any eating competition.

    1. Yeah... it can be a lot of fun watching people gorge themselves ... LOL

  2. Ribs eating contest huh... interesting! Would love to know more about what happen on that event itself :)

  3. Cool, the ribs eating contest is back again! My friend been waiting for this since he lost at the previous one, thanks for sharing Mierah :)

  4. Sounds interesting. Although I may not be able to finish the entire platter myself, I am sure my boyfriend will love it XD That carnivor hahahah

  5. wah ribs eating contest huh...i know it's gonna taste great that's for sure.

  6. eh, why picture so small compared to the post.. hehe.

    ribs! my favourite, give me meat, more meat please.

  7. Hurm Miera.
    Rasanya Mahadi boleh pergi join kan?
    Kita pergi jadi cheerleaders dia hehe

  8. Ribs look good but I can't eat beef. If not, will join the contest.

  9. My goodness, they are so big size and can eat a lot. I sure lost to them.

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