Nov 19, 2015

Zero-Dandruff Hair that smells amazing...

Isn't it a bane when you suffer from dandruff and it makes your scalp itch and messes up by leaving flakes all over your black or navy blue top. I would know as I do have problematic scalp and dandruff happens when I do not do much about it and this can pretty much make me feel bad and embarrassed about myself...

Since its debut on CLEAR Malaysia’s official Youtube platform, ‘Pelangi Cinta’, which you really have to watch... have you watched it?? If not, I have it below this blog post - be sure to watch it....CLEAR’s very own webisode series about love and confidence has garnered  a viewership of more than 2.3 million. 

This campaign ended with a sweet note at an exclusive tea party featuring CLEAR’s Agent of Confidence, Shaheizy Sam.

The ‘Pelangi Cinta’ series, stars Malaysia’s home-grown top local celebrities, Shaheizy Sam and Juliana Evans – CLEAR’s Agents of Confidence have successfully struck an emotional chord with both men and women who recognized that confidence is a key aspect to drive them further in life.

“CLEAR is committed to restore consumers’ confidence, starting from zero-dandruff hair. This initiative has given us more reasons for consumers to relate to the brand and its persona while conveying the message of confidence through a more narrative and emotion-centric route,” shared Phoenix Ho, Senior Manager – Total Hair, Unilever Malaysia at the occasion.

In conjunction with the finale of ‘Pelangi Cinta’, CLEAR celebrates the beautiful ending with its brand new Sakura Fresh variant, a combination of the superiority formulation of CLEAR with an enhanced fragrance. Created by an award-winning perfumist, Daniel Li, on a trip to Nishinoya in April during its spring time while strolling down the cherry blossom tree-lined streets, he was inspired by the elegance and freshness from the blooming Sakura flowers as the petals beautifully swayed down from the trees. Through the inspiration, the sakura extract infused in the new CLEAR Sakura Fresh offers consumers freshness and long-lasting fragrance for their hair akin to giving a sense of beauty and rejuvenation all captured in a bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo.

Besides its lovely scent, the sakura extract also gives nourishment to the hair and scalp, paired with Nutrium 10 – CLEAR’s proprietary technology system - the new CLEAR Sakura Fresh restores defensive barrier and deliver effective “dandruff-proofing” proficiency. This truly resonates CLEAR’s commitment to not only solve consumers’ dandruff issues, but to also help nourish their hair and scalp for continuous protection which helps to prevent dandruff from returning.

“CLEAR’s new Sakura Fresh is the product designed especially for women who wants a shampoo that accentuates the beauty of their hair and nourishes their scalp. CLEAR’s shampoos no longer focus on merely eliminating Malessezia - a prevalent fungus that causes dandruff, it also helps to restore the scalp’s natural protection to help prevent flakes from returning.  Therefore, this gives them more reasons to use the product on a daily basis to keep themselves looking fresh while empowering them to be confident of themselves with nothing to hide,” said Phoenix.

At the finale celebration of ‘Pelangi Cinta’, a few lucky winners of the brand’s recent ‘Pelangi Cinta’ contest were treated to a top-to-toe makeover session by CLEAR, alongside with a high tea gathering. The lucky winners were also given the opportunity to have an up-close and personal time with the renowned actor, who urged women to embrace their confident self – even when they are in the presence of their person of interest.

“We tend to believe that we need to comply or fit within certain criteria to be accepted and loved by people, but it is a misconception. It all starts with being confident with your identity and your great attributes. When you embrace your true self and let your positive vibes radiate, you will be a star in your own right,” Shaheizy Sam shared his thoughts on confidence at the event.

For those who wants to stay confident with nothing to hide starting from a zero-dandruff hair, CLEAR Sakura Fresh is available in 170 ml (RM 11.30) and 340 ml (RM 18.90) at major pharmacies, hypermarket and retail outlets nationwide. 

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  1. Tell me about it! I always joked to my boyfriend about "winter is coming" whenever he skips washing his hair for 2 days, all the dandruff starts appearing on his shoulders and hair ,lol

  2. Few of my friends always have this dandruff problem, will share your post with them :)

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