Nov 23, 2015

The Healthy Cat Checklist

 Cats are wonderful pets to have. Independent with unique personalities of their own, cats are fuss-free and low maintenance pets. Nevertheless, like many pet owners, you may still want to give your furkid undivided attention, love and care. After all, being attentive to your cat’s wellbeing can help prevent potential health issues for your pet.

So with this, WHISKAS Malaysia and I am sharing ways to recognise the signs of a healthy cat to help our furkids live long and healthy – in all nine lives...

All cat owners know that a healthy kitty is happy kitty. Like humans, cats are vulnerable to illnesses and injuries caused by their activities or simply due to aging. 

But, sadly, cats cannot come up to us and tell us if they are unwell. So, as a pet owner, we have to look out for signs of illnesses and injuries. This can be done by observing our cat’s behaviour and also by checking their bodies for telltale signs. 

Knowing when our cat is healthy helps us to determine when our cat is not. So pay close attention to our cat, since they can’t talk and come and tell us, "mummy, I am having a stomach ache.." or "mummy, I feel bad" our kids do...

The following checklist can help us determine our cat’s health:
§  Bright Eyes: A healthy cat has bright clear eyes free from discharge or any cloudy film
§  Shiny Fur Coat: A shiny coat of fur is an easy to see sign of a healthy cat. Giving our cat a balanced diet helps maintain a fine, sleek and shiny coat for our furkid.

§  Lively and Energetic Demeanour: A diet rich in suitable nutrients gives our cat the energy it needs to stay active and ready to play. A diet specially tailored for our cat will ensure strong muscles and healthy joints in the long-term, as well as a strong immune system, so we can have an energetic companion by our side for a long time.

According to Dr Wan, “Understanding your cat’s breed and the types of health issues it is prone to helps owners keep an eye out for abnormalities. Any changes in behaviour such as in interaction, activity, grooming, food and water consumption and any visual indications of health problems, such as abnormal conditions of the eyes and fur are signs of sickness. If they occur, you are highly encouraged to contact your veterinarian and seek professional help. So, make sure to observe your cat. Watch their body language. Bright shiny eyes, a glossy clean coat and active behaviour – the presence or absence of these signs can reveal more than you think.”

Regular grooming for our cat is recommended so that their coat remains sleek and free from matting and tangles, especially if our furkid is a longhaired breed. Grooming sessions also build a strong bond between the both of you. Keep up-to-date with their annual deworming and vaccination schedules and other planned visits to your vet.

Making sure our furkid is eating right is one way we can help our cat live a healthy life. Make sure that they get the right amount of the required nutrients such as high-quality protein, essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, beta carotene, multivitamins and antioxidants that contribute to our cat’s overall health. 

And good food doesn't necessary have to be expensive, you should try WHISKAS, which is formulated according to the WHISKAS Vital System that contributes to the three main signs of a healthy cat: clear, bright eyes, a sleek coat and a lively and energetic demeanour.

With a good balance of the right diet, exercise and grooming routine, giving our cat a long, comfortable and healthy life (or nine!) is possible!!!

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  1. Any tips for doggies? I have 2 doggies that are like my babies to me! I wanted a cat too but my husband out his foot down as I was collecting too many pets (I have a fluffy white bunny too). Le sigh...

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