Nov 10, 2015

Getting personalized with

The festive season is just around the corner, with Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine all lining up.….

So, take a moment and thing... won’t you love to give someone a fantastic gift over Christmas?

Or there could be some wedding coming up, so what can you get for your friend? A gift that speaks volumes? What about the new baby your friend just had?

Well,how about some personalized gift ideas?

1.) Personal Connection
If you give a gift to someone you really care about, you would probably want some personal connection. That personal connection you share with someone can only be known and celebrated by you and that special someone.  

A personalized gift can add so much value to the recipient because the recipient will knows the gift was planned and that you really took the time and trouble to have the gift personalized. In other words, you thought in advance and gave a gift that really took time to choose, have personalized and give.

2.) Personal Use Only
A personalized gift establishes that personal connection and only the gift recipient can use/wear it. There is no worry of it being borrowed and forgotten to be returned because their name or personalized message is on it.

3.) Any Budget
The beauty of a personalized gift beyond the sentimental value is the fact the it can work into any budget. offers countless items; mugs, cushions, ceramic tiles, t shirts, etc. The different designs and materials are very affordable and you are able to get a personalized gift for whatever budget you have set.  

Check out their site at to see their prices and the options they offer, you will be greatly delighted.


4.) Any Occasion

You can get these amazing gifts for any occasion at all… for the Holiday season, Weddings, Birthdays, New Year gifts, or just because you feel like giving… there is after all no fixed time for surprising your friend or loved one with a gift… is just one of these websites that if so easy to navigate and look for the perfect gift for that special someone.... You can choose from the ready designs avalable

 Or to make it even personal by creating your own from scratch!!!

Clearly when a friend chooses a gift for you it would be a gift that you would cherish and use again, but when you make it  personally, or personalize it, it definitely makes the one receiving it feel extra special for so many reasons because they know that the gift-giver went to the extra trouble to have the gift personalized... thus making it so very... well, let's face it, personal and meaningful....! 

So go and check out ‘ – Precious Gifts From Your Heart’ and get some out for your loved ones....whatever the occasion....

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  1. so cute la your gifs. this is a good idea for christmas present! :D Shall hint this to my family members d:

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