Nov 28, 2015

Hotel Review: Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort

The Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort is a pretty picturesque resort with rooms that come with balconies or terrace. 

The staff here are pretty polite and accommodating where they can. Upon checking it, you will be given a glass of chilled drink to cool down your parched throat which is heavenly especially if you have just come in from the sweltering humidity outside...

I would recommend it to families, honeymooning couples and people who want a private, passive and relaxing holiday doing nothing much but unwinding and chillaxing on the beach and pools (yeah.. I counted 5 pools!!!!).

There are about 345 hotel rooms, suites and bungalows and there is a huge (olympic?) sized swimming pool with a children's paddle pool, the Pool Bar and a large fish pond amidst a tropical garden with palm trees flowering shrubs and pretty orchids... 

Beyond this area lays the second swimming pool, the tennis courts, a large turf with palm trees and sunshades, the Beach Restaurant and bar and the wide sandy beach. 

Taa daa, my key and I am in the gated gardens leading to the bungalows...yeah, *screams I was hoping for a bungalow and I got it!!! 

The bungalow is a 3 minute walk away from the lobby reception area but garden is neatly manicured there and there is a pathway set in stepping stones. In case you worry about stumbling around in the evening, there is a  mini torchlight in every room... 

Me, I wasn't worried about stumbling, maybe more worried about stepping or stomping one of these garden snails to death...

 Take the time to enjoy the interesting wall decorations /carvings.. There are quite a few and they are all different and so pretty...and I almost took a whole load of pictures of them...

I got a Standard Bungalow all to myself and I almost cried with joy when I saw it… I had a stretch of pool just in front of my door and two deck chairs… it was pretty amazing…

Welcome to my home for two nights.. The bungalow comes air conditioned but you can opt to turn it off and use the ceiling fan if you like...

I still cannot get over the fact that my room or 'bungalow's' front and only door opens up to this...I like the amenities and my bed is pretty comfortable

The hotel is just about 11km from main Pattaya areas. There are some stores nearby selling essentials like snacks, drinks and toiletries not too far away and also a place for massage, which I feel is a better choice as it is much cheaper then what the hotel is offering…

I went there twice to kill time and to get my muscles loosened by those Thai ladies skillful hands. Once was for the traditional Thai massage which cost me 200 bahts for about an hour . 

And another time, just before we headed to the airport for the foot reflexology which was quite a painful experience since the reflexologist 
 apply of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on my feet

Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the organs and person's general health
and all this pressing sure got me wincing in agony but which left me feeling light and like a brand new person once it was over...

The downside of what I find is probably that the hotel charges 80 bahts per person for shuttle bus to Mike Mall which should be given free considering the location of this resort and the taxi service recommended by the hotel is pretty expensive 200 bahts and above, 200 bahts being to go to the Floating Market which is just about 2 km away!!! Other attractions had me wincing in horror as they quoted 1000 bahts and so on...

We were fortunate that our tour leader had a friend who came and meet us and took us around a bit. 

However I have just learn that if you have the Grab Taxi app, you can actually get them to come pick you up… Sighhh…. I had known earlier I would have known how to go and explore more of Pattaya during my free time on the last day there…

Some places of interest that is near to the hotel…..

Alangkarn Theater - 1.1 km
Mimosa Pattaya - 1.6 km
Pattaya Floating Market - 1.9 km
Ocean Marina Yacht Club - 2.7 km
Underwater World Pattaya - 5.2 km
Outlet Mall Pattaya - 6.4 km
Phoenix Golf and Country Club - 6.5 km
Dongtan Beach - 7.2 km
Cartoon Network Amazone - 7.4 km
Pattaya Hill - 7.9 km

Would I come back to this hotel? Yeah, sure... I won't mind doing so.. I did enjoy my accommodation in the bungalow and am giving my two thumbs up for that.. but I will better arm myself with transportation choices... rent a motorbike, rent a car, book a grab taxi or get a friend to drive us around, or trek outside to the main road to get a song kheaw....

Address: 37/2-11 Na Jomtien,, Sukhumvit Rd, Sattahip, Sattahip District, 20250, Thailand

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  1. OMG! The place looks amazing! Ah you are making me so jealous of you. Wish to travel and stay here too!

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  2. the interesting wall decorations /carvings look so 3d-ish! very skillful of them.

  3. What I would give to be there <3 It is a beautiful place

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