Nov 15, 2015

Let your Pre-Schoolers "SHIMMER AND SHINE" on a magical genie adventure..

As a mum, as my child was growing up, I monitored her TV programmes and well, I always allowed my daughter when she was a pre-schooler to only watch Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Nick JR which I trusted to have the best programmes to help with her development as well as improving on her English speaking skills...Besides, they have the cutest characters that sometimes, I am drawn to plop down beside my little one and watch it together with her too....

So, mummies, let your little pre-schoolers enter a brand new whimsical genie world full of magic, music and misadventures by watching Nickelodeon's brand-new animated series, Shimmer and Shine, which will be premiering in Asia on weekdays on Nickelodeon from Tuesday, 1 December at 9am (PH) and 9.25am (MY) and on Nick Jr. from Monday, 21 December at 11.10am (TH/WIB) and 12.10pm (HK/MY/PH/SG)

This 20-episode series follows twin genies-in-training, Shimmer and Shine, who try granting wishes for their friend Leah that lead to surprising mishaps but the trio always figures out a way to make the mistakes turn out great.
Shimmer and Shine will feature a social-emotional curriculum highlighting the importance of teamwork, resilience and overcoming obstacles. The series is created by Farnaz EsnaashariCharmatz (post-production supervisor for Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go!) and produced at Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, California.
"The beautiful fantasy world of Shimmer and Shine offers endless possibilities for magical adventures and pre-schoolers will love the genies' playful humour and enthusiasm," said Russell Hicks, Nickelodeon's President of Content Development and Production. "First-time creator Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz is a home-grown success story who started as an intern at Nick 10 years ago. She epitomizes the diverse talent and empowering spirit that comes from the Nickelodeon Animation Studio."
In the first episode "The Sweetest Thing," Leah wishes for the genies' help in making cupcakes for her school bake sale. Through silly misunderstandings, Leah, Shimmer and
Shine find themselves stuck with a giant birthday cake, some farm animals and no wishes left.

They must work together to fix their magical mistakes without drawing the attention of Leah's curious (and hungry) neighbour, Zac.
In Shimmer and Shine, the eponymous twin sisters are Leah's secret genies. Leah always has a dilemma that she needs her magical friends' assistance with, and the genies-in-training are happy to grant her a maximum of three wishes a day to help her out. 
However they often misinterpret what Leah wishes for and often accidentally grant her wishes she didn't even mean to make. Each wrong wish quickly compounds into a crazy adventure. Ultimately, through teamwork (which our pre schoolers and kiddies will learn through this series...), the cute genies and Leah will eventually find a way to fix the problem.
So there you have it, do not miss it on Nickelodeon from Tuesday, 1 December at 9am (PH) and 9.25am (MY) and on Nick Jr. from Monday, 21 December at 11.10am (TH/WIB) and 12.10pm (HK/MY/PH/SG).

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