Nov 29, 2015

The most amazing place for Sunsets... the Sky Gallery in Pattaya....

When my tour leader decided to bring us to the Sky Gallery, we were anticipating a restaurant on top of some building and thought nothing much of it. 
But when we arrived at the Sky Gallery, we were astounded, we were mesmerized and seriously, I have to say  that it is hard to find a more glorious place to have a drink, chill and spend an hour or so with friends or family members, or with your date/ spouse....

The Sky Gallery is an upmarket cafĂ© perfect for a snack, an afternoon tea break, or to watch the sunset on Phatamnuk Hill Pattaya . The atmosphere and the glorious scenery there is truly second to none.
“The SkyGallery Pattaya” has a natural backdrop that is so mesmerizing and unforgettable, it will remain in your memories for a long time to come, even if you just happen to visit the Sky Gallery once....
It is very definitely a selfie addict or a photographer's heaven!!! It was really such a huge treat getting to soak in the sunset views of Pattaya Bay overlooking the sea & Koh Larn island .

Refreshing with the scent of sea breeze in the air, the view is not the only thing you would love here... 

The Sky Gallery has an array of comfortable seating arrangements largely based out in the open with a small indoor air-con area if required.  Wi-Fi is readily available. 
Make your selection from the 'bed' lounger, beanies, sofas,  cushioned rattan loungers, or normal table and chairs...

A gentle but upbeat music selection sets you in a pleasant, relaxed and holiday mood, even if you are one of the locals .
The food menu offers a small selection of snacks, pastas and is suited more toward a cake and a brew or perhaps, afternoon sunset cocktails. 
I loved the frosted sky gallery coffee which was half blue in colour... 

By the way, it is opened 7 days a week from 06:00 – 24:00 !!! And it is a MUST GO place in Pattaya if you are there ok!!!

400 M. 12 Racjchawaroon Rd., Phra Tumanak Hill Pattaya, Chonburi 20150, Thailand

I was in Pattaya as part of my AirAsia ASEAN traveller Beach Specialist trip . 
And for your information, AirAsia is the only airline that connects Pattaya, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur directly with 4 weekly flights!!! Pattaya is an amazing travel destination, so you should be here!!
Check out flights now at

(forgive my pictures... they are not so amazing as these are only taken by my mobile phone....natural and unedited...)


  1. Living the life! Such an awesome experience and place to be, truly beautiful.

  2. Always travelling to nice places Miera. Looks like a nice relaxing getaway that's not too far.

    1. it sure is... sometimes we can find really nice and pretty places nearby

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