Nov 13, 2015

Of LOVE 11, 11street, HAHA, Emily Chan and Lee Min Ho....

How do I start this post... ok... I couldn't decide where to start.. but well.. I was at Lot 10 with my daughter who begged and insisted she wanted to come along to see HAHA live at the 11street event there...and little girl got her dream come through even though we were not lucky enough to get a pic or two with the man himself..

 11street, the popular online marketplace reinforced their customer commitment by revealing new strategic plans for its mobile app and signature ‘Shocking Deals’, and have chosen the 11th of each month as its ‘LOVE 11’ Day to surprise shoppers with great deals and giveaways.

11street announced that amazing news at its inaugural Korean – inspired celebration event at Lot 10, which was meant to rewarding Malaysian fans/shoppers for their immense support over the past 8 months which got them ranked as a top 40 website in Malaysia!!! Do you know 11street online marketplace has more than seven (7) millions of quality products selling at competitive prices??!!!

Well, little girl got her chance to take a picture with the pretty Emily Chan, the brand ambassador for 11street and the lucky girl who gets to be Lee Min Ho's love interest in the 11street commercials....see, I share both the older commercials here for you to enjoy...there are two new commercials out soon....but it is not out yet....

Anyway after the press conference, we are escorted downstairs via a VIP route to the main stage area...for the 'LOVE11' celebration....

Naturally there were sooo many HAHA fans there...who were all squealing and excited to be able to see HAHA live in person....

Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street took to the stage and told everyone present that 11street is focusing on enhancing their mobile app and its signature ‘Shocking Deals’ to give consumers better benefits and an elevated shopping experience.
Malaysian shoppers are in for a huge year giveaway end treat in the amount of RM11 Million. Starting from today until 31 December, shoppers can redeem daily offers of deals and coupons with up to 90% discounts.

November 11 was selected to announce these commitments because it is a day that is symbolic to 11streets brand name. Do you know 11th November is kind of like a Valentine’s Day to the Koreans? The Koreans practice of showing affection to loved ones on November 11. And since 11street got inspired with hosting their first ‘LOVE 11’ celebration in Malaysia, they even decided to mark the 11th of every month as our ‘LOVE 11’ Day to reward fans and loyal customers with great offers!!! So do NOT miss out on this….

There was an amazing 'NANTA' style percussion performance which was pretty amazing... It was definitely pretty mesmerizing how they made music from just knives, chopping boards, pans and move on to garbage bin covers and plastic cones......

For loyal shoppers on 11street online marketplace, they would have known since April, 11street’s ‘Shocking Deals’ and its lowest price guarantee (LPG) promise have enabled many shoppers to purchase their favourite items at the most competitive prices. I know because I got some amazing stuff for very unbelievable prices... including Maggi Mee for RM1, my favourite Korean Ramyun for just RM10 and so on.....seeing is believing so go check it out!!

 11street has revealed plans to double its variety of product listings for its ‘Shocking Deals’ by early 2016. This signifies its continued commitment to be a trustworthy source for the most price competitive deals with the widest variety in the country!!! 

According to a Nielsen report, at least 47% of Malaysians using their smartphones to shop online. In fact, the use of mobile for online purchases is growing in popularity with the country ranking sixth out of top 10 markets globally for mobile shopping. This is further evidenced by the fact that close to 50% of traffic to 11street is generated on mobile devices.

After all the wait, HAHA finally arrived to loud cheering and squeals of delight from the crowd...

Anyway... in 2016, 11street will further place a stronger focus to serve mobile shoppers through a two pronged approaches by providing more curated content with an improved user interface and user experience designs (UI/UX), along with additional personalized features for greater customer experience; at the same time, 11street will be offering more mobile exclusive value deals and discounts.

By continuously upgrading its mobile app offering and services, 11street assures its consumers will have a more enriched mobile shopping journey.

There you have it... and so if you have not yet installed an 11street app on your mobile phone you are soooooo left behind....  

All the loyal consumers, passerbys and fans at the LOVE 11 event enjoyed giveaways in the form of 11,000 boxes of Pepero, 11street shopping coupons, attractive prizes from contests, giveaways, as well as great product gifts from participating brands such as SONY, Samsung, Kinohimitsu, K-market, BONIA, Lenovo, NESCAFÉ, Thermos®, and WindRider.   So.... were you there???

It was also a rare chance getting to see Korean entertainer HAHA (of Running Man fame) perform on stage...and well, demonstrating how it is like for Koreans to share their affection with Pepero with lucky Emily Chan... heheh ... I bet there are millions other girls are so envious of Emily for getting to act alongside Lee Min Ho and now getting to eat Pepero the Korean 'affection' way with HAHA.... 

 Anyway, some 50 lucky fans got to go onstage with HAHA to take pictures with him.....

For more pictures of HAHA and what happened, do click HERE

The evening ended with HAHA giving us a mini showcase of his group hits and the announcement of some lucky winners for the 11street Snap N Win contest....

11street  premiered its new two-episode television commercial (TVC) which reflects the brand’s commitment and ongoing business focus. Starring Korean superstar Lee Min Ho and Malaysian actress Emily Chan, the TVCs which will be available nationwide via free to air TV networks and 11street’s YouTube channel starting from November 16th. So watch out for it...... what are you waiting for… Get amazing deals and  visit


  1. wow nice event to attend, I didn't rvsp as I wasn't feeling well.
    sick few days due to cough, flu, sort throat and headache.

  2. I am sure Lee min ho makes all the girls crazy during the event. Emily Chan looks cute also.

  3. lots of thing to shop in 11 street

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