Oct 3, 2016

Beauty Review: Simran Beyond Beauty Hair Spa/Organic Hair Cream Bath

As a woman, I can be pretty vain at certain times, even though, many a times I can just go around with little or no makeup and dress up simply... especially when it comes to my hair and appearance.. 

So some of the worse moments in my life is when I find my hair falling by the clumps… Hair fall is basically quite common among people with problems like oily scalp, imbalance of hormones, too much stress, hereditary, irregularity in diet and dandruff… and yes, I feel I suffer from a few of those problems and when my hair falls a lot, my heart also falls … and my stress level rises, and so it is a neverending vicious cycle.. huhuhu

Simran Beyond Beauty occupies a 2,500 sq ft shoplot area on the 1st floor at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. They provide Customized Facials, Threading, Organic Waxing services, Manicure, Pedicure, Organic Full Body Scrubs and Massage, Organic and Henna + Herbs Hair Dye and Treatments.

Simran Beyond Beauty is owned and managed by Gurjit, an ex-SRN (State Registered Nurse) who painstakingly and very carefully selects her all organic and natural ingredients for all her treatments..

So I was there at Simran Beyond Beauty to try out their Hair Spa / Organic Hair Cream Bath said to work wonders for those having hair loss or "damaged" hair, visible results from the very first session.

I changed into an elastic top sarong and got comfortable at the salon area of Simran Beyond Beauty… where Gurjit or Jeet as she would prefer to be called carefully assessed my hair. She checked my hair and scalped and got her staff to then apply some apple cider vinegar on my hair for about 5-10 minutes, then my hair was washed, while Jeet  prepared the mixture of herbs, yogurt, essential oils etc.

Jeet takes the time to get to know and talk to all her customers giving them advise on how to handle stress and even offering solutions for other potential problems like hormonal imbalances etc, and she tells me that her mixture is actually edible, except for the addition of some non edible essential oils.... and the wax cream she uses for wax treatments is also edible and I got to try ‘eating’ it…. And yummm….  It is pretty yummy… hehehe

Jeet will normally assess her customers to their needs and add her frozen herbal /yogurt concoction accordingly based on each individual's hair needs. She makes them fresh and freezes them in the freezer and they definitely look a lot like herbal ice cream…

She will blend her selection of herbal concoctions before they are then carefully applied by one of her staff…

You will feel pretty relaxed or you might also feel a bit cold as the concoction is pretty cold as it is placed on your hair… I found it relaxing…

The concoction is left on your hair and you will get a nice scalp, neck and shoulder massage to relax  you, and for the mixture to be more easily absorbed…. Then the hair steamer will be turned on for bout 10-15 minutes…. Once the steaming process is done, your hair will be washed and given a simple blow dry.

You can then feel the texture of your hair and you will note that it is definitely much more stronger from all the herbal nutrients it had absorbed and mine was definitely looked and felt much stronger and better.

And yes, once the treatment was done, I was pretty surprised to find a whole lot less hair on my hair brush or on in the bathroom floor….

However, for better results, you have to do this treatment a few more times until your hair is stronger and easily manageable…

Thanks to Simran Beyond Beauty and Jeet's awesome yogurt, essential oils and herbal concoctions, my hair can be more beautiful... and yes, I am definitely going back for more... 

Thumbs up and thanks to Simran Beyond Beauty for rescuing my hair...

No 54A, 1st Floor, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Miera,how much for this treatment cost?

  2. Wow! The after is really impressive.. So smooth!! Great one!

  3. When I saw the signage I was apprehensive but when I saw the ingredients, I was like, wow!!

  4. wow ! your hair really looks different la !

  5. Wow! I always will do a hair treatment once a month. Thanks for sharing this, will visit it for a treatment soon 😊 Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  6. I see the owner is an Indian... so nice to know about it :)
    I completely concur with you! I am just back from a hair spa as I cogent against your post. Organic products overall, can make so much of difference. Your hair looks amazing!

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