Apr 3, 2015

Capturing your best side has been made even easier with the Nikon 1 J5

The stylish and lightweight camera presents impeccable imagery via the world’s fastest continuous shooting with autofocus and world’s shortest shooting time lag, in a compact body fitted with full-scale specifications

Nikon is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology and is globally recognised for setting new standards in product design and performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic equipment. Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd distributes consumer and professional digital SLR cameras, NIKKOR optics, Speedlights and system accessories; Nikon COOLPIX compact digital cameras; Nikon sports optics as well as the Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lens system in over 50 countries. The latest offering, the new NIKON 1 J5, offers moving-subject capturing performance that exceeds that of DSLR cameras, and even better image quality and operation than ever before, has been officially announced by Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd yesterday.

Photographers in search for a definitive experience of a high-performance camera with stylish design, remarkable autofocus performance in speed and accuracy, alongside an impeccable image quality, will find it in the new NIKON 1 J5. The NIKON 1 J5 is also the first Nikon 1 camera that features a tilting touch screen LCD monitor and NFC-support. Expertly designed inside and out, the NIKON 1 J5 is imaging versatility in a compact technology, making it perfect for photographers who love to capture dynamic action in the great moments of life, but without the weight and complexity of a DSLR. NIKON 1 J5, the camera with the power to impress.

With the world's fastest*1 continuous shooting with autofocus (AF) at up to approximately 20 frames per second (fps), and the world's shortest*2 shooting time lag, the 20.8-megapixel NIKON 1 J5 is also equipped with a new backside-illumination CMOS image sensor and the new EXPEED 5A image-processing engine. As an extremely portable compact and lightweight camera, the enhanced operability includes a Function (Fn) button, command dial, a selfie-friendly tilting touch screen LCD monitor, full manual control, and built-in Wi-Fi® and NFC technology. In addition, the NIKON 1 J5 supports recording of 4K movies that make ultra high-definition imaging expression possible.

NIKON 1 J5 Primary Features
1. An intuitive experience of full-scale photography
·         Superior and smart operation: Lessen constant fiddling of the buttons and modes with a Function (Fn) button to which a frequently used camera function can be easily assigned to. A first in the J series, the Fn button provides immediate access to the assigned function by simply pressing the button during shooting. Further enhancing the flexibility of use, a command dial for smooth adjustment settings is also adopted. Users can enjoy adjustment of a variety of settings without having to look away from the scene.

·         Getting creative with selfie: Self-portraits are made easy with a Self-portrait mode and a tilting LCD monitor that supports low and high angles. When the tilting monitor is reversed for capturing selfies or even group shots, the Self-portrait mode is automatically enabled with a display that allows users to confirm composition and selected settings while taking photos of themselves.

·         Discover elegance and comfort in a compact build: For a firm and steady hold, even when a user is on the move, the NIKON 1 J5 comes in a refined body that offers a confident grip for the hand. Combined with an authentic appearance, functional design, mechanical buttons and dials with a metal feel, the camera represents itself as a stylish companion. The compact and lightweight body is extremely portable and comfortable to use, even over extended periods of time, supporting hours of reliable shooting enjoyment.

2.  Expedient shoot and share functionality
·         Keeping in touch with the digital generation: Connect to a smart device and effortlessly transfer images*3 with the built-in Wi-Fi® and NFC-support. Users can achieve a wireless connection to a smart device by pressing the dedicated Wi-Fi® button, or for a connection with NFC-enabled devices*4, simply touch the camera to the tablet or smart phone.

3. Incredible moving-subject capturing performance
·         Seize the action with a click: Capture subjects, especially fast-paced and high-action ones, in sharp focus with the superior AF performance from the NIKON 1 J5. The world's

fastest*1 high-speed continuous shooting with AF at approximately 20 fps and the world's shortest*2 shooting time lag support great shots in decisive moments. To respond quickly and precisely to rapidly changing scenes, the advanced hybrid AF system of 171 points features 105 phase-detection AF points for superb focus accuracy. The phase-detection teams up with contrast-detect AF for a virtually full-frame coverage. 

·         Optimal mode for fast movements: The mode dial on the NIKON 1 J5 offers a Sports mode that makes shooting fast-action subjects fun and easy. Choosing Sports mode enables quick adjustment of settings suited to continuous shooting. With playback, each burst or series of images captured in Sports mode plays back as a group, creating a smooth view and confirmation of images.

4. Imaging technology with an innovative touch
·         Minimal noise interruption, maximum quality output: The NIKON 1 J5 offers a backside-illumination structure adopted for the first time in the Nikon 1 series with a newly developed CMOS image sensor. Along with the renowned EXPEED 5A image-processing engine, extremely detailed rendering of images, with which noise is effectively suppressed throughout the ISO 160–12800 range of sensitivities, is achieved. The ISO 6400 and 12800 noise reduction (NR) functions utilise a very precise processing to exhibit superior image quality with minimal noise, even if shooting in dimly lit surroundings or situations. In addition, the noise reduction function and Active D-Lighting, which can now be used with movies, allow users to record movies exhibiting beautiful rendering with suppressed noise, even for those of backlit or high-contrast scenes.

5. Enriched features for moments of inspiration
·         Moving pictures in high-definition: Beautiful, ultra high-definition movies are now made possible with a 4K (3840 × 2160/15p) movie-recording function, a first for a Nikon digital camera. 4K movies of up to ten minutes in length can be recorded. The new time-lapse feature is also included for creative video recording.

·         Ingenuity meets creativity: The NIKON 1 J5 offers seven new Creative modes and Glamour Retouch to make photography a fun and playful affair. Selective Colour and Cross Process modes can also now be used with movie recording for artistic movie expressions.

For more information on NIKON 1 J5, please visit: http://www.Nikon.com.my/en_MY/product/Nikon-1/Nikon1-j5

1 Among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses available as of April 2, 2015. Statement based on Nikon research

2 Among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses available as of April 2, 2015. Tested using the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM at the wide-angle position in Single-point AF-area mode. Statement based on Nikon research

3 Wireless Mobile Utility must be downloaded onto a smart device (compatible with iOS/Android TM) to use the Wi-Fi® function. Wireless Mobile Utility can be downloaded for free from the appropriate application store. Wireless transfer of videos is available only on the Android OS

4 NFC-compatible Android™ smartphones and tablets (Android 4.0 or later)

 For more information, visit www.nikon.com.my. Connect with Nikon and other photographers on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nikonmalaysia and get the latest tips and tutorial by following Nikon Malaysia Youtube Channel at youtube.com/nikonmsia.


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