Apr 16, 2015

Some outlets at the GAMUDA WALK, Kota Kemuning

During the launch, we got to visit some of the outlets there and find out what they were offering... it was definitely an interesting "tour" and so here are some of the outlets I visited and a bit about them... 

We will start with MuayFit International, which is the 4th outlet in the group.MuayFit was the first MMA center in Malaysia that offers various martial arts including Muay Thai and Kickboxing naturally, along with fitness, gym and self defense courses all under one roof. It was established in 2010.

Professional top champion instructors are brought in from all over the world to give the best training experience for all MuayFit International members. 

We were treated to some breathtaking movements in Muay Thai and Kickboxing as well as self defense by Coach Tomasz Wodzinski, also known by his nickname "Power Fist". He hails from Poland and has over 14 years of experience in Kyokushinkai Karate (Black Belt) and even represented Poland as part of the National Karate Team.

It was obvious how quick and deadly he can be if he chose to be by his fluid movements. Coach Tomasz has also over 5 years of experience in K-1 Kickboxing and Muay Thai.  And was in the Polish Special Force training for 7 and a half years!!!!

As you can see, MuayFit does not only has instructors, they actually has an A-team of both local and foreign MMAtrainers, some of whom are professional fighters, like Coach Tomasz. There are several more high calibre trainers like Coach Tomasz whom you can meet if you drop by MuayFit.

They wil help train you and take you to where you thought you couldn't go and beyond... with the same passion that motivates them in their field of specialty!!  You can choose to train in groups, mini groups or even have a one to one personal training, so that you can achieve maximum results in the minimum time as you build on your strength , endurance and flexibility!!!

For more info check out www.muayfit.com.

Then our second stop was at the  Sweat Spa Too. Sweat Spa Too is a modern infrared sauna spa facility. This is the 2nd of its kind in Klang Valley.

According to Ms Sabrina Tang , who was there to meet us, she started as a user of the full spectrum infrared (FIR) sauna for herself and decided to open outlets after seeing the therapeutic benefits she personally gained in terms of health improvement specifically in reducing body weight, pain relief, improvement in sleep and skin condition.

The Sweat Spa Too consists of a few private sauna spa cabins made from the highest quality of cedar wood equipped with clinically tested technology including Solocarbon Full Spectrum Technology, LCD Touchscreen Control Panel and Preset Health Programmes to achieve detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, cardio, blood pressure reduction and /or relaxation.

So if you like to try a soothing and relaxing journey while you sweat for wellness try out the Acoustic Resonance Therapy (ART) which will include sound and vibration healing in an integrative way to stimulate our body and senses. Combining infrared therapy with ART provides a natural healing environment in a relaxing setting!!!

For more info on Sweat Spa or Sweat Spa Too, please contact Sabrina on her email HERE

Sweat Spa can be found in Bangsar Shopping Centre and Sweat Spa Too can be found at Gamuda Walk.

Our third stop was at the u-need SC shop selling a variety of household items from seats, barbecue sets, clothes hangers, cupboards, shelves and so on are imported from Taiwan according to the manager there. 

This is their first flagship store, though you can find a lot of u-need branded items on Lazada, Rakuten, AEON and so on.

The products are of good quality and quite reasonably priced. Their merchandise ranges from bulky furnitures to compact laundry aides.

With the Motto  "Where Home is Pleasure" u-need created their products to help make home life much more easier and their products are usually a necessity in every home as well as unique.

To know more, check out their FB page :U-Need-SC-Store

Our last but not least final stop was at the Barcook Bakery which originated from Singapore...

It was said that a Barcook Bakery in Singapore was attracting long queues of people waiting impatiently for a bite of the very delectable buns especially when they are fresh out of the oven. 

All the bread here is made with the Sponge and Dough method which is a technique of baking sweet dough buns which takes more time than the normal sweet dough buns. Essentially, the Sponge and Dough technique is a two step process where the dough is allowed a first rise, followed by a second step where the rest of the ingredients are added, followed by a second rise. 

The result is a sweet dough with a silky soft texture. This technique may not be a big secret but there are few bakeries which will bake all their breads this way because it can be quite time consuming. So try not to miss out on the signature bun, the  Raisin Cream bun !!!

So now you know, go check it out at GAMUDA WALK in Kota Kemuning if you are in the area.....

Check out the FB :barcookmalaysia

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