Apr 4, 2015

Checking out the De'Xandra perfume

Are you one of those people who love to use fragrances? I know I do and one thing that make me bemoan using fragrances is the prices. To get a nice high quality branded fragrance, it cost almost an arm and a leg, well at least it does to those of us who are earning an average salary between RM1,000- RM3,000 or so right.. If we are earning more then five figures per month, blowing a couple of hundred ringgit on a bottle of the latest Chanel or Gucci is not a problem....

But to me, fragrance is very important as it is just as important if not more to smell good as it is to look beautiful. What good is beauty or good looks if you are going around smelling bad?! Right???!!

Anyway, recently someone asked me if I wanted to try out De'Xandra and my reaction was quite a luke warm ok...

But upon using it, I really must admit that the fragrance definitely surpass my expectations!! It really smelled like the real deal and it was also very long lasting.

However I must say that the fragrance cannot be sprayed directly on sensitive skin areas as I was practically in agony upon spraying it directly on my arm pits... You see, sometimes I am just too lazy to bother with a deodorant and prefer to use a perfume on myself to control body odour etc... and it works... but by spraying De'Xandra directly on my armpits... I was really in a good 5-10 minutes of agony.... huhuhu....so please be forewarned!!!

As for the price, it is a very affordable RM65 for a bottle of the highest grade of E-Inspired perfumes.... You can enjoy your favourite expensive scents at a very affordable price!! So what are you waiting for???

For more information, do check out: 

Phone No : 013-2644310 (LIA)

A little bit more about De'Xandra Perfumes :
- Inspired by top International brands
- Equal to International standard
- Halal product
- Original essence which can be used by Muslims even for prayers
- EDP,long lasting fragrance (more than 8 hours)
- Travel Perfume
- 35 ML 
- Interesting and attractive packaging
- Malaysian taste....

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