Apr 20, 2015

Food Review: Culinary Creations delight with Tony Roma's Farmer's Market' Promotion

Tony Roma's never fail to tantalise my tastebuds with the beauty of fresh flavours whenever I visit.  Yours truly was there with a few friends to check out the latest 'Farmer's Market' Promotion which is currently going on until the 31st of May 2015.

In this duration, Tony Roma's famed globally for premier ribs, seafood and steak has recreated the quinessential farmer's market experience for diners, bringing a range of dishes from seasonal foods and produce that is definitely a refreshing twist to your palate....

Start your meal with some Market Fresh Sampling, such as the BBQ Shrimp Tacos which consists of  lovely juicy shrimps with cucumber, pineapple and salad drizzled with sweet black pepper BBQ sauce in a crunchy taco shell. 

This is totally addictive and once piece is simply not enough....

Price : RM25.90 (RM27.45 inclusive of GST)

Photo credit to TR Malaysia FB

 The Green Goddess Salad, comprises of grilled chicken (I loved it), romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red radishes, edamame, sliced almonds, cucumbers and croutons finished and mixed with a very refreshing Green Goddess dressing... 

Personally it reminded me of Caesar's Salad bit with a twist, a very more refreshing twist and it definitely is bursting with flavors...

Price: RM24.90 (RM26.39 inclusive of GST)

And for the entrees, patrons are sure to be torn between having the Salmon with Lemon Pesto Shrimp which is a dish of grilled salmon and shrimp with lemon pesto butter served with flavoured rice and broccoli, a real treat for seafood lovers.

I loved the combination of the dish and the lemon pesto butter definitely brought out the best in the salmon and shrimps...

Price RM55.90 (RM59,25 inclusive of GST)

And especially for meat lovers, you really cannot miss the Filet Medallions and Black Pepper Beef Ribs Combo , with  sweet black pepper BBQ sauce, BBQ onions served with broccoli and loaded mashed potatoes that are really to die for....

I can never get enough of Tony Roma's loaded mashed potatoes...... and the Ribs.... so melt in your mouth soft .... sighh.... (Ok, ok, I really shouldn't get carried away)

Price: RM83.90 (RM88.93 inclusive of GST)

Photo credit to TRMalaysia FB

To end your lovely scrumptious meal on a sweet high note, be sure to get one of those Market Fresh Pairings .... Romaritas.....

There are four lovely irresistible varieties.. the popular tart and sweet Romarita, a strawberry lover's delight Strawberry Romarita, an adventurous mix of Mango Romarita and the very fresh tasting Wild Berry Romarita to complete the satisfying culinary journey....

See picture above (from left to right).... Mango Romarita, Wild Berry Romarita, Romarita and Strawberry Romarita....

These lovely refreshing drinks are mixed with fresh lime juice, lime sour mix, shaken with ice and served in a sugar-rimmed glass..... 

Price: RM15.90 each...

Let me take a selfie... heheheh....ok.. this is like my 3rd drink after having both the Mango Romarita and the Strawberry Romarita.. and it is not exactly a Romarita...but one of my all time favourite drinks at Tony Roma's... the Strawberry Kiwi Orange Punch. The Romarita is just as nice but more sour, while this drink is more sweet...

Price: RM15.90

Then to add to my calories, these tempting desserts just have to turn up on the table in the form of Dessert Trio... consisting of ... (clockwise from the top) Strawberry Cheesecake, a dense and creamy New York syle cheesecake, drizzled with fresh strawberry sauce, Raspberry Brownie Royale, which in which there are two warm, rich mini cocoa brownies, covered with a scoop of premium La Cremeria vanilla ice cream and drizzled with raspberry sauce and last but not least, Shortcake with Fresh Strawberry Sauce, yummy,light and fluffly angel food cake with vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry sauce.

The desserts here are RM9.90 each (RM10.49 inclusive of GST)  or if you are ordering the Dessert Trio, then it will cost you RM23.90 (RM25.33 inclusive of GST)

For more information, please visit Tony Roma's website at tonyromas.com.my or their Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/TRMalaysia

Photo credit to TR Malaysia FB

You can also win a free mother's day treat for your mom comprising of a 3 -course meal for your mom worth RM100 with just 3 simple steps!!!

Dine in, and snap a photo of your mom with her favorite dish in any Tony Roma's outlet and include the receipt number.

Write about why your mom would deserve a Mother's Day treat this Mother's Day in less then 50 words.....

Post on Facebook on www.facebook.com/TRMalaysia 

The contest period is from 20th April to 5th May 2015.... Good luck!!!!

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