Apr 4, 2015

Customers Continue to Enjoy Meals at Great Value with McDonald’s

A bit of good news for all fans of McDonald’s Malaysia. They are maintaining the prices of all menu items with the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax on 1 April. According to Stephen Chew, Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia, customers can continue to enjoy meals at great value because the new 6% GST will replace the existing 6% government services tax, isn't that great?

In addition, McDonald’s is also introducing its new All Day Value initiative so that customers get to enjoy even more savings any time of the day. The new All Day Value initiative is designed for every customer in mind – working adults who crave a satisfying lunch or dinner that’s value-for-money, students who desire an affordable and pleasurable treat, as well as families who bond over meals together.

For instance, customers can now enjoy great value any time of the day, every day, with Extra Value Meals (EVM) priced at only RM7.95 inclusive of GST for popular favourites such as Double Cheeseburger and Filet-O-Fish medium meals. Apart from that, the value line-up also features a McChicken ala carte at only RM4, a Double Cheeseburger ala carte at only RM5.00, Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets at only RM6.50 and other menu items, all at prices inclusive of GST. With the wide range of offerings, customers may also choose to mix and match menu items to create their favourite meals.

“With the new All Day Value initiative, McDonald’s remains focused on offering quality food at great value any time of the day,” said Stephen. “We know that value-for-money is important for our customers from different walks of life, and hope that this initiative will bring more Malaysians together so that they can continue to enjoy their favourite meals in a friendly and welcoming environment.”

The table below indicates the prices for all items under the All Day Value initiative.

McDonald’s All Day Value (prices inclusive of 6% GST).
Extra Value Meals (include Medium drink + Medium fries):
Double Cheeseburger EVM
Filet-O-Fish EVM

McChicken (ala carte)
Double Cheeseburger (ala carte)
Mushroom & Potato Soup
Small Fries
Small Coke

Happy Meal (include small drink + small Fries or fruit cup + toy):
Chicken McNuggets (4pc)

Weekday Breakfast Special:
Sausage McMuffin

Regular Cone


* Note: Prices are not valid through McDelivery, airport restaurants, Labuan and Langkawi restaurants.

Find out more here at the McDonald's Malaysia Facebook or surf their at www.mcdonalds.com.my .

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