Apr 12, 2015


Recently I was over at the Namoo on the Park, at Publika to see the 'Waterful Sharing Campaign 2015' in collaboration with Malaysian Environmenal NGOs (MENGO) there following the success of the previous year's Waterful Sharing Campaign in June last year....

For this year's target, Laneige is targeting to raise RM60,000 through the sale of its all - new Waterful Sleeping Mask from 1st May to 31st July 2015. RM10 from every jar of this amazing Water Sleeping Mask sold will go to the fund  whcih will be used to facilitate the installation of rainwater harvesting system at the six homes.

Laneige Malaysia's Brand Manager Foong Winnie giving her speech

Laneige manage to raise RM35,000 which benefited three children's home last year, which are the Trinity Community Children Home Society, Shelter Home for Children snd Praise Emmanuel Children Home

The rainwater harvesting system that will be installed at the homes will help to reduce usage of normal treated water while enabling the homes to enjoy continuous supply of water. 

Using this system, rainwater will be collected and recycled for non-drinking purposes such as toilet flushing, cleaning, washing and watering plants. 

This simple and innovative way reduces water usage and water bills and also functions as an alternative water source during a water crisis.

The six homes that will benefit from this year's campaign are Rumah K.I.D.S, Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR), Rumah Bakti, Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Ilham, Rumah Ehsan Rawang and Rainbow Home.

Yasmin Rasyid, Chairperson of Mengo giving her speech

Yasmin Rasyid , Chairperson of MENGO is confident that the Waterful Sharing Campaign will serve as a lifelong learning experience for the kids from the homes. " In Malaysia, we take our water supply for granted. Most people don't realize the importance of water conservation until a water crisis happen," said Yasmin

Most people are unaware of the various ways to recycle water and the usefulness of harvested rainwater. Watering plants, washing cars and cleaning the house compound are tasks we can use harvested rainwater for.

Representatives from Rumah K.I.D.S presenting their views to the judges

During the launch, there was also a small competition where each home were allowed to do a presentation on how to best utilize harvested rainwater.

Representatives from RACTAR giving their speech

5 judges listened in rapt attention while two to three representatives of each of the six homes came forward to present their speech and video as well. They were pretty impressive.

Representatives from Rumah Ehsan Rawang doing their presentation
Through this campaign, Laneige and MENGO hopes to each out to the homes to provide them with a continuous water supply while educating them on the benefits of rainwater harvesting....

Rainbow Home won 3rd placing....

Rumah Bakti won 2nd placing.....

And the champions came from RACTAR

To find out more about Laneige Malaysia's Waterful Sharing Campaign, please log on to www.laneigewaterfulcampaign.com.my or connect via http://www.facebook.com/laneigemalaysia

The Water Sleeping Mask will officially go on sale at all Laneige beauty counters and boutiques beginning from 1st of May 2015 at a retail price of RM110. 

Customers who purchase the Water Sleeping Mask during the campaign period will also receive a Limited Edition Laneige Goodnight Teddy Bear from the Korea Teddy Bear Museum. This Teddy is adorable and very fragrant... 

I cannot get enough of sniffing mine... just as much as I cannot get enough of the new Water Sleeping Mask. I was blessed to get a jar to try out and I swear it is one of my top ten must haves as it has since improved my dehydrated skin in leaps and bounds...

If you can't wait to try out the all-new Water Sleeping Mask can make their purchase at the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Pre-launch Roadshow at the Mid Valley Megamall's Lower Ground Floor Centre Court on the 27th April 2015


  1. Awesome Laneige mask. Glad they are giving back to the community!

    1. Definitely.. I love it.... and yes, it is awesome when companies do their part for charity

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    1. Awesome... looking forward to that..... Alhamdullilah


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