Apr 6, 2015

Fun at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

My little daughter and I along with my husband who was kind of dragged into it finally visited the Puteri Harbour Theme Park. The Puteri Harbour Theme Park is a large building - a four storey indoor theme park comprising Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, The Little Big Club and a themed restaurant attraction called Lat's Place.

I think the Puteri Harbour Theme Park is ideal for young kids, ideally age 10 and below, but out of curiousity, I  brought my 10 year old daughter there....

Now I have been a fan of Hello Kitty and My Melody ever since I was a kid too, anyway, who can resist the cute characters of Sanrio?!!

When  you enter the Puteri Harbour Theme Park building, you will be greeted by a very bright and attractive cafe, called the Red Bow Cafe with an adorable Hello Kitty bow theme. They serve a myriad of attractive Hello Kitty shaped waffles, sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Definitely very eye catching and looks almost too lovely to eat....

my hubby and daughter enjoying a drink and some snacks at the Red Bow Cafe

The Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is located on the first floor of this building. It is supposedly the first Sanrio Hello Kitty Town attraction outside of Japan and it  consists of various pretty interesting interactive and walk-through activities, which follow the popular Hello Kitty theme. 

Ticketing counter in purple

Do not forget to check this out and try to memorize where you can catch your favourite characters in action

Getting there can be a little confusing, but from the Kuala Lumpur Plus highway Sanrio Hello Kitty Town can be reached by taking exit 253 to Senai Airport and then exit 311 to Kota Iskandar: from this road it is a short drive to Puteri Harbour where the park is located.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is situated at Nusajaya. The theme park operates daily from 10:00am - 6:00pm. We were quite amused by the concept of the theme park. It was amazing. My family were having fun exploring the theme park. 

entrance to the Hello Kitty Town

The concept  attracts both adults and kids. Most of the visitors were naturally families with children. It was a great place for families to spend time and have fun. It was a nice place to take photos too with cutesy Sanrio deco all over.

There are about 6 activities inside, before heading upstairs, the staff will give you a postcard passport. You will have to present this postcard before the start of each activity for stamping. 

One of the highlights of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town would have to be  Hello Kitty’s house – a guaranteed favourite with little ones. 

It is definitely a dream house for kiddies or Hello Kitty fans: from the front door inlaid with pretty rose stained glass, through the kitchen with hand-carved fixings, and on to the cute but flamboyant bedroom, decorated in several shades of yellow and pink. 

The lovely blue bathroom with a huge Hello Kitty tub which my daughter wished she had one at home....

You  can even take a peek into Hello Kitty’s wardrobe and marvel or complain about Hello Kitty's clothings....

You can head over to the Wishful Studio for lots of activities. It is at the Wishful Studio where you can dabble in jewellery making, play dress-up at the photo studio and even visit a nail salon where you can get unique Sanrio-themed nail art. 

As you can see here, my little girl and I were at the Cookie Studio where we were given Hello Kitty cookies to decorate as we like then eat it.... 

Then we got to watch Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Dear Daniel in a musical show at the Purrfect Stage. It was fun and though Hello Kitty's behavior somewhat reminded me of a K-Pop or J-Pop female artiste, it was fun.

Another main attraction here is the Hello Kitty Black Wonder, an interactive experience where children can help to find Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel who have been kidnapped by Kuromi.

Guests will be given a lamp and they have to find out their secret symbol and five alphabets that would be the password to setting Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel free. It is somewhat like a kiddy version Escape Room where you have to find the clues to unlock the answers.

The attraction uses technology such as sensors and computers to enhance the experience as well as devices to interact with during the mission.

To get the alphabets, you have to look in each different area and find your secret symbol and the alphabet written next to it...

When you have the 5 alphabets, you have to put it together to make a word, and that will be the password, and once you have the password, you will be given a certificate that you have completed your adventure and set Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty free...

Taking a picture with Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty

My daughter and her father who is forced to join her on the Tea Cup ride ....

Things to do while there: 
  • Make sure you read their show schedule, so that you do not miss out on their show, though they will actually announce the show 10 minutes before it starts. 
  • Do not forget to take a picture with all the Sanrio characters as well if you can..

Cheese.... my little daughter with Bad Badz Maru and My Melody

All in all, it is a great place to kill a few hours, let your inner kid go, and have fun with your kiddies. I had a lot of fun with my daughter. 

Prices are: RM80 for Sanrio Hello Kitty Town or RM117 for both Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the Little Big Club (non Malaysians)
RM59 for Sanrio Hello Kitty Town or RM91 for both Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the Little Big Club  (Malaysians with My Kad)
(all tickets inclusive of GST)

For more information, please check out: -

Last but not least, check out the gift shop... filled with original Sanrio merchandise... which are just soooo cute and precious... but a bit too pricey to buy too much.... gulp...

Thank you Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn Bhd / Puteri Harbour Theme Park for having me....


  1. so fun, dream comes true for Anne :D
    if I have a little gal, she be happy too :D

    1. It is definitely a place for little girl's dreams to come true but for the boys we must visit the Little Big Club!!!

  2. OMG hello kitty cafe! Look super kawaiiiii :D

    1. very kawaii and awesome place for fans of Sanrio.. hehehe


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