Apr 24, 2015

Lee Min Ho in KL


There were over 2,000 fans that gathered at NU Sentral shopping centre concourse area today to meet handsome South Korean actor Lee Min Ho.

He was in town at the launch event of his appointment as the ambassador of online shopping mall, 11street.

Lee Min Ho appeared onstage at 6pm, with a "Hello, apa khabar?" much to his fans delight, some who had gathered as early as 8am to meet the 28-year-old hunk.

Gosh, I cannot believe some of these die hard fans. They are certainly over the top and crazy.
I am a fan and I have been fans of various boy bands and actors and such but never would I go to such extremes .

Being a blogger myself, I have heard that even some fans pretended to be bloggers or members of the media to get into this event as well as bribe bloggers and members of the media with money to bring them along....

Have these people lost their dignity or what...sighhh....

However I must say I envy Lee Min Ho because he has gathered over 300k followers in just 2 days of starting his personal instagram acct with just 2 pictures....

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