Apr 18, 2015

Farah Khan's Spring Summer Look 2015

Well known for dressing some of the coolest girls on the planet, FARAH KHAN’s beautifully hand-made dresses are fuss-free, while adding fun and glamour to the modern woman’s wardrobe. The label adorns simple designs with exquisite embellishments to produce beautifully made ready-to-wear pieces.

Since the label debuted in Paris back in 2007, it has been rapidly gathering a celebrity following, including style personalities like Kimora Lee Simmons, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Ashanti, Nina Dobrev, and many more.

The current Spring /Summer look 2015 is probably one of creative director Farah Khan’s most disciplined outings where the colour is star. It is both splurged and spared to produce two stark contrasts - but kept uniform through its tailoring.

This new pre-Spring/Summer 2015 line is inspired by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. It is fun and irresistible. Young and energetic , it is built around the artist’s work.

Appearing only in cropped tops with flushes of wide animation or graphic Mod-length tunics and blouses – it is apparent that the top is king (or queen) here, as Farah Khan advocates a contemporary approach to its line.

This irreverence might just be the brand’s best takeaway from its study of Lichtenstein’s work. Main Spring/Summer 2015 is a stunning, dynamic split, of wildly colourful or high-contrast black and white. Where the colours flourish, the story constitutes a voluminous skirt, glamourous strapless gowns, playful evening tops and dresses for both day and night. Boxy art-deco patterns are blocked with linear patterns for immediate eye-catchers. Otherwise the patterns are taken east-west to create an outstanding pair of matching jacket and skirt.

Taking a 180-degree turn to black-and-white territory, the mood is elegant with hits of graphic wow. Similar patterns return with their colour sucked out to create stylish sombreness. Where it is necessary, there’s a tiny splash of turquoise or sea blue for a quiet, measured accent.

Bringing it all together are the shapes that have been runway or commercial hits for the brand – and to see it change intelligently between two colour stories, whether it’s the addition of sleeves for a coloured number, the shortened length of a strapless in black and white, or the use of a circular bottom for a graphic dress, is suggestive of Farah Khan’s design maturity.

FARAH KHAN’s signature embellishments are hand-sewn, bead by bead, by Southeast Asian artisans, employing techniques handed down over centuries to ensure that each piece is an iconic limited edition.

Modern and stylish designs and patterns are created to capture a playful, individualistic spirit. Sleek silhouettes, clean cuts and graphic embellishments constantly take inspiration from art, music, architecture and the modern woman who is constantly on the move.

They are just so gorgeous even though somewhat out of reach for someone like me who is from the lower middle income group.... Still , a girl can wish right? Perhaps someday I can own one....

For more on Farah Khan's designs and such, please visit : http://farahkhan.com/   and 


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    1. Kannnnn.... don't know when I can ever afford one.... huhuhu... I really wish I could....


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