Apr 22, 2015

CO2 Hair & Scalp Spa and Soda Spa Foam treatment at Daisuke Salon de Coiffure

I am already getting to be an old lady, despite having a youthful outlook and behavior. I am already hitting the big 4 series after all this year and if you ask me if I have any problem with beauty, the answer is yes.... I have frizzy hair, oily scalp and more often then not, falling hair. And that is only my hair, when it comes to my skin, I have a combination skin, blackheads, pigmentation and pores.. and I bemoan that fact ....

And it was because of this, when Ai and Daisuke, the owners of Daisuke Salon de Coiffure adviced me to try out their CO2 Hair & Scalp Spa along with the Soda Spa Treatment, I was both skeptical as well as excited...

CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment? What was that all about? I was wondering about it myself before I found out all about it.

It is actually a revolutionary new hair & scalp care treatment that hails all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun... Japan, of course, that combines natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology.

It has been created and made to be similar to the traditional Japanese 'onsen' (hot springs) which will help enhance the blood flow to your scalp, leaving you feeling refreshed with more luscious and radiant looking hair. 

According to Daisuke, this treatment is used by athletes to rejuvenate and freshen their bodies as well as to melt away their stress and aches . This is also used for beauty to make the skin look better. 

My treatment began with a regular hair wash and rinsed with normal water before getting 1 full minute of the CO2 treatment water all over my scalp... There was a tingling, some slightly (very slight) stinging feeling, slightly warm feeling on my scalp as the treatment was on going, and well, after one minute of this, my hair salon assistant scooped up a bowl of the water and showed me. There was residues of oil and dirt there...

He then shampooed my hair again and turn on the CO2 treatment for another 4 minutes before finally rinsing my hair again.

#Why is CO2 trending in the beauty industry in Japan?
  • It deep cleanses to reduce scalp itchiness caused by chemical residue from hair dye and perm treatments
  • It eradicates harmful chemical residue, hair dust and sebum from the scalp
  • It actually optimises the results of hair colouring and perming
  • It results in softer, more lustrous and more voluminous hair
  • It widens blood capillaries to boost and improve blood circulation
  • It prevents hair loss
  • It is a remedy for oily scalp
It repairs dry and damaged hair 

The deep cleaning action from carbonated water removes silicon, dirt and chemicals from the scalp, freeing up blocked follicles so that hair can grow better.  So as you can see, this treatment is very highly recommended for those with damaged or thinning hair, for both ladies and men...

Then he opened the canister of the Soda Spa Foam and applied it all over my damp hair, and left me there after ensuring my comfort with a neck rest for about 10 minutes.

When the 10 minutes was over, he rinsed the foam off and applied some hair conditioner at the edges of my hair..

Photo credit to tansan-spa.com

The Soda Spa Foam is amazing. It is a fine, rich foam created from carbon dioxide and can be used for your face, hair and body!!!

Benefits of the Soda Spa Foam:
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improvement of blood flow
  • Preventive effect of roughness (for hands)
  • Hair restoration facilitatory effect (for scalp care)
  • About 3 x as much moisturizing effects as normal water
  • Deodorizing effect
  • Relaxation effect
  • Anti Aging
  • Alkaline elimination....

My hair stylist gave me a bit of trim as well to build some 'body' for my hair.... and at the risk of sounding vain, I think I look pretty nice here... heheh. 

Thank you to Daisuke Salon de Coiffure for this very refreshing and cleansing treatment  as well as the awesome and friendly service.. my hair never felt so clean or light before and it smells so awesome too... heheheh

For more info on the CO2 Hair & Scalp Spa , Soda Spa Foam or any other hair treatments, please check out Daisuke Salon de Coiffure's Facebook HERE 
or simply head over to their salon:

Daisuke Salon de Coiffure

Unit No. 25-01, Ground Floor, Block C, Dataran 32,

No. 2, Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya

Tel : 03-79600 140

Photo credit to Daisuke Salon de Coiffure


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