Apr 17, 2015


If you are a parent and have not been to Happikiddo, you are truly missing out a lot!!  I know when my kids were little I would always try my best to source for the best of the best items which I can afford for my beloved little ones. I wished there were these kind of stores back then, but well, now that it is here,  which is so amazing, parents, and wannabe parents, be sure to check this out!!!!

Happikiddo is a unique baby concept store offering a vast selection of A-Z imported, innovative products for babies, children and mums. Exactly everything any parent would need under one roof, carefully hand-picked and always trendy. You can get amazing choices from baby food, educational toys, feeding essentials and toiletries to travel gear, apparels, books and nursery furniture here. 

Happikiddo truly makes parenting fun and interesting with a refreshing twist. 

Just so you all know, Happikiddo just launched the opening of its biggest store in Malaysia yet. With over 6,000 square feet of space in Quill City Mall, this is the company’s fourth store. I was there to check out the store there and I was truly amazed at the choices and items offered for sale.

Happikiddo’s newest one-stop parenting store offers over 100 international brands with more than 10,000 products. With amazingly trendy and beautiful products hand-picked by mums for mums, the store has just about all any parents and parents-to-be need under one roof.

According to the Founder and Managing Director of Happikiddo – Elaine Chew – the prime and bustling location of Happikiddo’s latest store will cater to the needs of busy, working parents who prefer a one-stop shop to get all-things baby. 

Happikiddo is more than a retailer; they are also a customer service source for parenting products solution. Whether as a parent, you are in search of child safety information, or are shopping for strollers and other baby gear, the staff at Happikiddo are ready to assist you in whatever way they can.

Happikiddo understand how overwhelming it can be to choose from hundreds of products – and by hand-picking the safest and highest quality items – they feel privileged to assist parents with this process and provide them with best performing, tried-and-tested products through well-informed decisions.

Happikiddo also announced its latest tie-up with celebrity and mum-to-be Elaine Daly. An actress, TV host and former Miss Malaysia Universe, Elaine Daly is currently six months pregnant and is due to welcome her first child in July 2015. 

On its collaboration with Daly, Chew remarked: “We are honoured to team up with Ms. Daly and have her represent our brand. Her solid background and accomplishments reflect the versatility of today’s modern women who are capable of achieving whatever they set their minds on, whether in their career or as a full-time mum.”

The spanking new Happikiddo store also features a one-of-a-kind family café, designed to fulfil the dining and leisure desires of parents and children alike. Named Big Daddy Little Chefs @ Happikiddo, the café offers a thoughtfully-created menu comprising local and fusion dishes to satiate appetites of all ages. Dishes are served using melamine tableware by RICE, a chic and socially-responsible Danish homeware and accessories brand.

Simple but yummy menu

The café also boasts a well-equipped play area to keep children occupied while their parents sit back and have a relaxing meal. It runs baking workshops from time to time, and caters to birthday parties and celebrations of all budgets.  

Moving forward, Happikiddo is set to open more stores around Malaysia, with another slated to be launched end of this year. “We are confident that 2015 will be a good year for us with more opportunities and in-store surprises coming up,” Chew added.

This exciting new Happikiddo store is located on the second floor of Quill City Ismail, situated along Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur.  So go on, head there to check it out now, if you are a discerning parent like me, wanting the best for your child, you'd know you'll want to....

Happikiddo currently has four stores in the Klang Valley at Citta Mall, Quill City Mall and Publika – including Mum Over The Moon – a sister brand which offers the latest products for mums and mums-to-be. 

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