Jul 10, 2015

Being a blogger

Being a blogger is not an easy thing... There is lots of competition, lots of envy, lots of misunderstanding and the list goes on and on....

We are part of the media and also considered social media influencers but not many of us get paid good money. Many people just want to make use of us...

Yours truly and gorgeous Kelly Chin/Sunshine Kelly

And well, when you ask the experts, they might stress on going to your niche which actually make some sense or not at all... no offence to anyone ok, this post is a little about ranting and a little about my point of views...

This post is definitely not meant to insult or belittle anyone in anyway and everyone has the right to their own point of view from time to time.

Well, why did I choose to be a blogger? I started blogging a few years ago... and it was just to share my moments, my travels, my point of views etc..etc with my friends all over and well, as a student in school all those years ago, one of my ambition was to be a journalist. However due to lack of amazing grades to qualify for scholarship and the misfortune not to be able to further my studies, I did not get to do that. So being a blogger somehow brings me closer to my dreams.

At the AirAsia Bloggers Community event with Izzati Hazrul/ Kisah Tatie and Daus / redscarz

Yes, I also admit I am somewhat a little narcissistic at times, I love to take selfies and share my moments with my friends and other people. I also love attending events and getting nice goodies... and occasionally getting spoiled by others...this all contribute to why I want to be a blogger.

However, I am only human and I am definitely aware of my shortfalls but still, I strive to try to improve wherever I can.  But when some of the professionals ask to go and find my niche? I do not think I can do that. My so called niche will have to remain lifestyle as I like to blog about things I find interesting, my travels, my experiences and my life in general...

Having a good time cooking with my daughter

Some of the more specialist bloggers call lifestyle bloggers like me "rubbish bin" or "rojak"... but oh well, to each , their own...

Anyway, when it comes to people, other people, we cannot please everyone, right? Somehow or other there are bound to be haters, there are bound to be people who are not satisfied with you but I would say what matters is how I feel about myself... I am what matters...

I try not to step on any toes, I try not to take sides and I try to be friends with everyone I come across and I try to respect people for who they are... so far, I have met a lot of amazing blogger friends who have supported and helped me a lot along my journey these couple of years and I am grateful to these people...

Blogger preview of Ultraman live in Genting..

I am blessed being a blogger, I get to go to nice places, eat nice food a lot of times, get nice goodies and meet lovely celebrities and people all over, share great moments with my daughters, though there are also downsides when some PR or organizers seem to think that we bloggers are desperate people and can give them publicity just for free or when they treat us with double standard against other mass media .

Other disappointing moments include when you have gone to an event , some distant area only to get nothing or very cheap goodie bags that does not even cover the value for your cost of transportation or so.

Bringing my little girl to Hello Kitty Town....

So this is also written with the hope that event organizers and PRs can also understand us... unlike media from the newspaper or magazines, bloggers are seldom paid... and we do not have a fix salary... so try to make it worth our while with some token payment or goodies.. as when we head to some event, we have to pay for our own transport via LRT, taxis or fuel and car parking (also bear in mind the rise of the cost of living as well as how we want to put food on our table, pay bills etc), we also have to buy and invest in our own cameras, laptops etc.. so when you make use of us, we are at your mercy....

Well, don't get me wrong, there are several awesome PR companies and event organizers who really treat us well and pay us as well as or make up with awesome goodie bags and stuff... to these companies, thanks so very much and kudos for thinking of us....

And with that, I end this blogpost for now.... heheheh.... peace ya' all... no offence meant to anyone...


  1. Hear hear! Blogger rulesss.. Hehe. Nice knowing you through blogging :)

    1. Yeah... someday I hope to be as popular as you... hehehe.... and it was great knowing fabulous famous bloggers like your kind self... hehehe

  2. Agreed with you. Bloggers also need money to stay alive...

    1. Everyone need money to stay alive... the world does not run on barter system anymore.... =(

  3. well said! yeah some thought we bloggers need them because we wanna be famous. haih!!!! they don't know we also got no time to be 'free famous'.

  4. Nice post dear. Totally get what you mean when people misunderstand bloggers. Sometime we are doing it because of the interest and passion but oh well.. I am a rojak blogger too then. Great to know you *hugs*


    1. Ditto.... yeah, I do it because of my interest... so not all press releases are released if they do not catch my interest... hahaha....

  5. Miera, well said. Try not to be affected by whatever people say or gossip out there or behind because we can't control that. Haters gonna hate coz they have nothing better or more productive things to do. And please don't be like them.

    Remember every blogger is unique. Each and everyone of us has our own style. Keep up the good work as long as you enjoy doing what you do, you will excel. Glad that you share your thoughts. I am one of your readers... the silent one :D

    1. thank you so much for that... I agree and definitely will keep your advice at heart....


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