Jul 21, 2015

Moisture On, Oil Off - Complete balance for men's skin

For most men who take the time to take care of themselves, one of the biggest skin concerns would be having oily skin and excessive sebum. Men  faced with these issues also experience internal skin dehydration as they tend to refrain from moisturizing their skin due to the skin’s excessive oil production.

Sometimes, taking care of their skin can be quite tedious for those who lead busy lifestyles and simply do not have the time and patience to practice a multi-step skincare regime.

With this, Laneige is introducing its all new Homme Oil Control Line which has been formulated to tackle oily skin and excessive sebum production while moisturizing the skin in just two steps. Isn't that a dream come true for most men... After all, men are not like women and won't spend half and hour doing their toilette right? 

The awesome new line contains just two new products which will replace the existing Homme Pore Care range.

The new Homme Oil Control Line contains Oil Control Water customized to men’s skin. The new line is made up of the Homme Oil Control Cleanser and Homme Oil Control Water Lotion.

Homme Oil Control Cleanser, 150ml (RM70)

This is a scrubbing cleanser that exfoliates excessive sebum and dead skin cells, the Homme Oil Control Cleanser has green cellulose beads which are sphere-shaped scrubs that will gently exfoliate old dead skin cells without causing irritation

The formula also contains Vitamin E to provide nutrition to the skin. Besides that, this cleanser is formulated with Jojoba Oil which is similar to the human sebum structure. This works in forming a thin layer of moist on the skin without making the skin oily. The presence of Jojoba Oil also prevents acne formation by controlling sebum and balancing the skin’s PH level.

Last but not least, the Homme Oil Control Cleanser has Menthol which will regulate sebum and oil production and also gives the skin a fresh energy.

Homme Oil Control Water Lotion, 150ml (RM115)

This double-layered water lotion that leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated minus the greasy sensation. This water lotion also adds extra moisture to the skin and balances its oil and water ration without the weight of a gel or a cream moisturizer.

The Homme Oil Control Water Lotion has also been formulated with a golden ratio i.e. water: lotion = 11:1. This effectively balances the skin’s oil-moisture balance for men. Its lotion layer is meant to moisturize oily-combination skin which often has less moisture than oil. The water layer on the other hand works to control oil.

The presence of Hydro Ion Mineral Water works to replenish moisture while both the Marine Polymer and Pine Extracts absorb and remove excessive sebum to make skin feeling soft and fresh.

The lotion layer contains natural coconut ingredients, authorized by ECO CERT. This improves skin damaged by UV rays while giving the skin a gentle hydrating effect. With the high absorption rate, the skin is left feeling smooth and non-sticky.

Besides all that, men who face oily skin issues with skin that is dry on the inside but oily on the outside will have their skin well-hydrated and moisturized from the inside out.

Laneige conducted a survey on 40 men in their 20-30s who face a number of skin concerns which include oily skin, skin troubles and excessive sebum. The results of the study showed an overall satisfaction among respondents of 97.5% and a 100% concept satisfaction on the efficacy of the new Homme Oil Control Water Lotion.

How do the solutions mix?

The formula has a skin-friendly stabilizing ingredient called Lecithin which enables instant mixing. By shaking the Water Lotion up and down, the solution instantly mixes the lotion layer and the water layer to balance the oil-moisture ratio of the skin.

Interested to get these easy to use and amazing new range? The all-new Homme Oil Control Cleanser and Homme Oil Control Water Lotion will be available at all Laneige boutique and beauty counters starting August 2015 , so be sure to go check it out!!!!

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  1. Men have to take care their skin too. Might buy this for hubby Birthday coming on Monday :)

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  3. for the Oil Control Water Lotion, do I still need to use moisturiser afterwards?


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