Jul 8, 2015

Stuck in the lift...

pic credit google.com
Yours truly was at the Double Tree Hilton KL  for an event and just leaving when the elevator I got on with two other ladies jerked to a stop halfway down to the lobby.

Thank goodness the lights were on even if the elevator's air conditioning was off. At that moment, some scary what-ifs raced through our minds but we manage to ring the alarm as well as call for help.
Fortunately, the staff at Double Tree Hilton were quick to react and after a few minutes , the elevator moved gently and we were let out...very much relieved...

The staff apologized but since we were like regathering our nerves that suddenly disappeared those few minutes, we just nodded and dashed off...

It was a scary experience nd I hope I don't have to go through that again... Thank you to the quick actions of the Double Tree Hilton's personnel though our nightmare was cut short...phew...


  1. omg so scary, better let their management know as well. I read other commented that it happened also before the event you go, as only she need to queue 1 hour for the lift for buka puasa. :(

    1. oh dear... nice hotel but lousy lifts that give people nightmares???


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