Jul 31, 2015

Giveaway: One set of Orchid Feminine Wash

Considering that our lady bits or our vagina is a part of the body that we pay so little attention to, there are surprisingly a lot of factors that can affect it.

We have to be aware of certain characteristics of our vagina, such as its discharge (colour, smell and amount), bleeding (your flow during menstruation), and sensations (whether there is itching, irritation, swelling or pain during sex). When there are problems, these characteristics is likely to appear different from their normal state.
To avoid this, one of the most important and fundamental steps is to practice good personal hygiene. Keep your lady bits clean and use feminine wash to wash it...

Have you heard about Orchid Feminine Wash? It was launched not too long ago and combines the best traditional herbs with dermatologically proven balanced pH to make it a gentle yet effective itmate hygiene wash...

More than 100 married women who tried out the Orchid range said that it gave them the boost of intimate confidence as well as help them rediscover passion and intimacy... so much that every night feels like the first night... *wink wink*

The Orchid Feminine Hygiene range is 3.5 pH-balanced, 100% free from parabens, clinically tested by dermatologists and contains  nourishing and cleansing traditional ingredients such as Manjakani, Kacip Fatimah and Daun Sirih or Betel Leaf that helps gently deodorizes, brighten and strenghten, providing a balance solution for all skin types...

The majority of respondents noted that daily usage of Orchid Feminine Hygiene range increases he feeling of freshness, reduced perceived stickiness and definitely a boost in feminine confidence...

Orchid comes in three variants, Romantis, Intim and Anggun. The femininely shaped 210ml bottles retail at just RM4.90 each and area available nationwide....

However I am giving away 6 sets of this... to win one set for yourself, please enter your details here....


  1. I've participated in the giveaway. Sure hope ladyluck will be on my side. I would really love to try these feminine wash.

  2. dah joined!!
    nak menang giveaway ini...

    kolin zainal

  3. Replies
    1. Awesome... thanks for visiting and the support... Good luck!!!

  4. Participated. Good luck to all participants....and myself!

    1. thank you for joining in and your support... good luck...

  5. looks nice, hehe.. can't wait to see who will win :D

    1. Thanks for your visit... and good luck if you have joined...

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  6. -Prize 1 :elliecleffairy@gmail.com

    -Prize 2 :wendypua@gmail.com

    -Prize 3 :3bittersweetlemon@gmail.com

    -Prize 4 :sherrygo@hotmail.com

    -Prize 5 :shamiera_osment@yahoo.com

    -Prize 6 : jodey_cute@gmail.com

    1. Thank you for joining my giveaway... and congratulations to the winners.....

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