Jul 28, 2015

Otome Games: My Sweet Scandal Returns

This is one of my sweet scandals... hahaha... ok... this game is free for those of you who want to try but do not really want to cough up some money like you have to with the D3 Publishers and Voltage Inc apps, I would suggest this game.. 

The characters are all cute and the storyline is great and yeah... for romantics, there is that heart pumping , fan girl moments....

This is definitely one of my favourites.. and the best thing is that it is free... but you have to be patient to go through five tiny teeny chapters per day!!!

Pic credit to OKKO

The story is like this...You are about 22 years old  (I know, I know... this is all fantasy so just imagine) and you’ve been working for two years as a reporter for a famous women magazine :QUEEN !

But one day, your handsome editor (and yes, there is a story also coming where you can start a romance with your editor) task you with writing the sought-after "Total Coverage" section and you have to shadow and tell the story of a handsome genius/ sportsman/celebrity etc...You have to almost spend 24 hours a day, close to each other day and night, soooooo naturally.....a love begins…?!

Every handsome guy here has his little secrets. So go ahead and unravel what is hidden behind his pure face and would it be enough for both of you to be together?

Check out these handsome guys... who are you going to choose......
Pic credit to OKKO

Personally, I have gone through Shinobu Suwa's story, Yusuke Misato's story,  Kaito Amasawa's story and Itsuki Horai's story... and am in the midst of dating Shintaro Yoshioka... they are all adorable in their own ways... but Kaito Amasawa can be a bit bratty , bad tempered and selfish... whereas Itsuki  Horai is just sweet...
Pic Credit to OKKO
So go ahead and start indulging yourself into the romance that will keep you wanting more if you dare...!
Title:Sweet Scandal Returns
Genre:Otome game(Love simulation)
OS:iOS6.0 and above / Android4.0 and above
Check out other similar Otome Games by OKKO here : https://www.facebook.com/okkosweetromance.eng


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