Jul 22, 2015

Journey with Jojo on an Asian Cultural Discovery

I love traveling. There is nothing more amazing then a chance to travel the world but sometimes it can be a little tiring. I always amazed when I see the beautiful Jojo Struys looking so calm and radiantly positive, despite living life predominantly out of a suitcase for easily the busiest, most hectic year of her life every time I see her at an event or so. 

For those of you who do not know who she is... hmmmpphh... This gorgeous lady is a Celebrity TV Host, Speaker and Wellness author...  I really like her and admire her because she is just so bubbly and friendly as well whenever we meet and so I was truly delighted when I found out that her very beautifully captured host-driven travelogue entitled “Jojo’s Diary of Asia” will be premiering on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia, every Monday at 8pm starting August the 3rd...

You can catch the dynamic and down-to-earth Jojo in action as she begins her very fascinating journey across Asia showcasing breathtaking natural wonders, travel and de-stressing escapades, and relaxation techniques to help viewers like you and me become more physically fit and mentally positive.

The 13 episode x 30 minute travel series, is a moving diary of Jojo’s travels from the rustic beauty of the Himalayas to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, covering a diverse array of uniquely cultural experiences.

 “It was such an incredible, soul-enriching journey for me, from bathing elephants in Nepal and flying past Mount Everest, to stepping into the shoes of an apprentice Geisha in Japan, to learning the art of patience in Tai Chi”, says Jojo. 

Not to mention, she even gets right into the kitchen of a Michelin starred restaurant in Hong Kong, “I’ve learnt about the healing benefits of ancient power ingredients and how to make traditional dishes from scratch from a wide variety of chefs on my travels.”

Personally, I am really excited about this as I really want to share a part of Jojo’s journey as she gets thrown into activities she has never done before while immersing herself wholeheartedly in local culture. I can pick up some pointers and maybe do the same thing if ever I get a chance to travel that side of the world, too....

Anyway , for your information, Jojo is not just a face of the series. Rather, Jojo was a part of the core team at cutting edge production house, Kyanite TV where she helped conceptualize the show from its seed idea to final execution. Very hands on, in research and pre-production as the lead scriptwriter of the series so you can listen to her point of view, insightful thoughts and candid honesty, every step of the way. 

Her reactions were spontaneously captured in real-time from screaming her lungs out while riding the world’s steepest roller coaster to observing the power of silence while meditating with a Zen Buddhist monk. This has surely been the trip of a lifetime for Jojo Struys, across all terrains.  

This is the first time Jojo has hosted a travel show on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia, “This has been a dream come true for me to bring my passion for wellness and travel to an international audience.”

So, if you are feeling stressed, and you need a bit of inspiration or ideas on where to de-stress in Asia, make sure you tune in!! 

Me? I have it keyed into my Astro PVR so I won't miss any of it!!!

‘Jojo’s Diary of Asia’ starts airing in August 2015, every Monday at 8pm on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia.

(all pictures here belong to Jojo Struys and are not mine...)


  1. interesting.. will definately catch this! thanks for the trigger

  2. wowww this seems interesting... Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin dear...

  3. AHHH! must watch! i love how the photos are the things that Jojo are involved into intend of scenery shots. Thanks for the heads up Miera!

    Sara xx

    1. I agree... I love the photos too... thanks for dropping by...

  4. Now I know more about Jojo, as I never heard about her. Thanks for sharing ya!

    1. Pleasure is mine.... thanks for dropping by my humble blog...


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