Jul 27, 2015

Get Worthy savings while enjoying your life....

With the current cost of living getting higher and higher, I am sure many people are trying to cut down on spending and struggling to save money on food, shopping etc.

Life is a series of constant struggle and yes, we do need to try to save as much money as we can... and that is why I always find discount vouchers, offers, and such simply amazing and practically almost life saving.... LOL, ok, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration but well, discount vouchers, such offers and so on do allow us to kick back, treat yourself once a while and save some money... sometimes a lot of money, depending on how you look at it....

So when I came across the Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015, it was quite a blessing....

The Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015 doubles up as both a food guide and a discount voucher booklet that offers your family, friends and yourself thousand of ringgit worth of meal discounts, deals and even freebies at some of Malaysia’s most popular F&B eateries!!

Basically you can buy this Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015 at any major bookshop (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya and selected myNEWS.com and 7-11 outlets in KL and Selangor) for just RM29.90 and use this for a whole year of savings at your favourite restaurants!!!

Just for your information, restaurants, cafes and brands include BBQ Chicken, Blackball, Brotzeit, Capricciosa, Carl's Jr, Crazypuff, Cultura, Din Tai Fung, Domino's Pizza, Gelatomio, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Hot Star, House, Isme Beauty & Café, Kampar Old Town Restaurant, Kee's Creampuffs, Kelantan Delights, Kim Gary, Lecka Lecka, Little Pantry, Milkshake Factory, Mr Siew Bao,  Morganfield's,  myBurgerlab,  Ninja Joe, Once Upon a Milkshake, Papa John's, Paratha Crispy Popiah, Pepper Lunch , Steam Room, Sushi King, Sushi Tei, Tedboy Bakery, The Burger Factory, Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf, Trumpet, The Cocoa Trees, Vishal Chettinad Food, Washoku Den Den, Wetzel's Pretzels, Xia Mian Guan, 798 Shabu Shabu, Foodpanda.my and many more!

It is easy to use and you can check out the directory in the first few pages for offers or deals at the area/ place nearest to you or even via the mall you are at or headed to.... These offers also cover great deals over 50 Shopping Malls in Klang Valley including Mid Valley, Gardens, Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion, 1 Utama, KLCC, Berjaya Times Square, and loads of other Klang Valley malls!

In a nutshell, this Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015 features 44 brands of restaurants and F&B franchises in Klang Valley and other states. There are a total 175+ F&B vouchers in book, worth thousands of ringgit should you be a foodie and bring your family out to eat.. so imagine the thousands of ringgit you could be saving!!!

The Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015 comes with editor reviews, 3 “Must Try” recommendations of each of the restaurant or cafe , outlet contact details, food pictures, opening hours, Wi-Fi etc... All vouchers in the book are valid until 31 August 2015 (except 2 pieces of Kim Gary vouchers, 30 April 2015)

Wondering what kind of vouchers you can get inside? Your Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015 offers you 
  • 50% OFF
  • BUY 1 FREE 1
  • And many other DISCOUNTS!
Isn't that awesome or what.... I love Sushi, and I brought my Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015 to Sushi King recently at the Mid Valley Megamall. There were two different offers being offered for Sushi King which were RM5 off RM30 spend or a free pink plate dish for RM30 spent....

So here I was at the Sushi King alone, for lunch, deciding to treat myself to some yummy Japanese food....and well, also to use my   Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015 vouchers...

I ordered my drink, a Yuzu Honey Tea ... oh yeah, I have not come to this Sushi King outlet in quite a while and was surprise to see that they have also started the tablet/ iPad order sistem like what Sakae Sushi does....it sure was easy to see and order...

Unable to resist my favourite sushi, I had to get a pink plate Chuka Idako /Octopus Sushi off the revolving belt, despite having ordered a set lunch... 

I love salmon and I love chawan mushi, so ordering the Salmon Steak set only made sense to me and it was a yummy and fulfilling lunch...

I really love how Sushi King served their Salmon Steak Set... and it was still hot and sizzling with a small fire burning below...

My salmon steak was definitely served sizzling hot, and it was delicious....

Just before payment, I tore off the voucher I wanted to use and handed it to the waitress/ cashier...

As you can see, the terms and conditions include presenting the original coupon on payment and it is not valid with other promotions, offers or discounts....

And taa daa... thanks to Worthy Book™ F&B Edition 2014 – 2015 , I got to save RM5 off my meal... imagine saving RM5 or so off for just a meal a day, 
.. in one week, you can save RM35, and in one month RM140 and if you use this vouchers for just 6 months....it would be RM840... This is just for one meal a day...  Isn't that savings or what!!!  

Besides the F & B edition, they also have one for shopping and retail!!! For all those ladies who love to shop, be sure to check it out!!! 


  1. I have the worthy book too. Can't wait for the new one. The most worthy deal I had so far was the 50% off for second burger in MyBurgerLab. Feel free to check out my review too: http://www.childish-paroles.com/blog/worthy-book-fnb-1415

    1. i know right... what a coincidence... I want to go try My Burger Lab next.... hehehe....

  2. Whoops~~ Before entering my review, pressed publish... >< Well, here is my review about worthy book: http://www.childish-paroles.com/blog/worthy-book-fnb-1415

  3. omg. burgersssss

    just 29.90? gotta have this!!!

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