Jul 3, 2015

The answer to perfectly healthy and coiffed hair...

Almost every woman, yours truly here included, dreams of walking out the door every morning with perfectly coiffed tresses, but frequent styling can really hurt your hair.  So.... what if there were hair tools out there that can actually combine hair styling with hair care?  

Do you know the good news? There is!!!! 

Philips has recently introduced their new Philips KeraShine range of hair styling tools which are infused with Keratin and ions – the goodness our hair needs!!!  

In a recent study commissioned by Philips, a majority of 51% and 34% of Malaysian women said that hair damage is a huge factor that discourages them from owning or comfortably using their own hairdryer and styling device respectively. 

However, women are still wishing for some hair styling devices that are easy to use and safe for their hair. 

So the great news is with the new Philips KeraShine range,  we ladies can now combine hair styling with hair care via the ionic technology.  We can now achieve the hairstyle we dream of while replenishing keratin levels and achieving beautiful, healthy, frizz-free hair. Ain't that just awesome!!!

Do you know the Philips KeraShine hairdryer has a cool shot as well...

 Malaysian women who love looking great are constantly adapting their looks to suit the latest trends. 70% often visit hair salons to achieve these looks as well as to treat their hair. Encompassing the areas of heat protection, hair nourishment and frizz reduction, the Philips KeraShine range allows us ladies to style our hair without damaging it. 

The Philips KeraShine Ionic Hair Straightener comes with extra wide Keratin-infused ceramic plates 

The magiK that is Keratin

Found in horns, hooves, claws and the baleen plates of whales, as well as our own nails, keratin is one of the strongest proteins. Made of long bendy peptide chains, keratin exists in hair strands - giving hair its supple, flexible texture and healthy sheen. It is also able to tolerate large temperatures fluctuations, protecting your hair from the biting cold or scorching sun. In short, it is the magical component that keeps your hair looking sleek and sexy. 

Philips KeraShine Heated Styling Brush has bristles that can be retracted..

Works with your hair, not against it
Our hair’s naturally positive charge sometimes makes the strands repel each other, giving it a frizzy look. The Philips KeraShine range features ionic care technology that releases negative ions to counter the positive ions or static in our hair, helping strands settle nicely together, thus giving us smoother, and glossier hair. The keratin-infused ceramic coating on Philips KeraShine styling tools also counter heat damage by feeding our tresses with keratin even during styling. So because of that, we can always maintain a healthy level of keratin in your hair ....

Pricing and Availability
The Philips KeraShine range is available at the Philips Brand Store at Publika Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores and on www.blipmy.com.

Philips Heated Styling Brush HP8632/00
Philips Straightener HP8316/00
Philips Dryer HP8216

Yours truly was at the Philips KeraShine Launch Session with several other fellow bloggers and we got to try out all three of the product range and it was just amazing..

Picture credit to Elana Khong
A photo opportunity with the beautiful Elana Khong as we try out the Philips KeraShine range...

Picture credit to Elana Khong

We also get to watch Bryan Teh, from Chezz  Technique Salon who demonstrated a few ways on how we could use the Philips KeraShine Range...

Picture credit to Elana Khong
 After the demonstration, we were divided into groups and had to choose a model from among our team members to give her a hair make over...

These were my team members...  Thanks guys, for your cooperation... we did not win, but we had lots of fun...

And the winning group... consisted of the two popular beauty bloggers, Sunshine Kelly and Elana Khong  (who earned the nick name Elsa for the night with that hair do and matching skirt...)with two other bloggers....... huhuh


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