Jul 16, 2015

Let your fur-baby enter the Whiskas National Cat of the Year 2015

Own a pretty fur-baby that is the apple of your eye and who is absolutely adorable like my Muezza above? Or maybe your little fur-baby is much more gorgeous? Muezza here may be pretty but she is not very sociable, like her owner, she has trust issues and her owner here which is me, betrays her at times when I get her wet (bath) which she absolutely hates and then she will be staring balefully at me for a couple of days before forgiving me my transgression on her...

She is however my precious fur-baby along with her brother, Beebo who is more of my daughter's cat...and loves nothing more then to look adorable and act adorable like the picture above..

She loves to squeeze herself into one of the recycle bags I bring home from events... it is just her favorite thing to do....

I feed Muezza Whiskas Cat Food, among other things. Whiskas now come in a new packaging, and contain  Vital System benefits to enhance the three key signs of a healthy cat, that is healthy eyesight, a healthy and shiny coat and as well as a lively and energetic demeanour. Recognising these signs is something every cat owner should know in order for them to provide the best care and attention and this is why I choose Whiskas for my cats. Besides, Whiskas Cat Food is very reasonably priced and affordable. 

Anyway, if you have a gorgeous fur-baby you are proud of, you should try participating in the Whiskas National Cat of the Year 2015 contest. Just send in a close up of your kitty’s bright, clear eyes in the Bright Eyes category, a photo showing off your kitty’s healthy fur coat in the Shiny Fur Coat category or an action shot of your kitty being active and energetic in the Lively and Energetic category, And your fur-baby and you could just walk away with the grand prize of RM10,000 cash and a year’s supply of Whiskas products!!!

To try your luck, in the Whiskas National Cat of the Year 2015 contest, you just have to send in a picture of your cat for any of the three categories – Bright Eyes, Shiny Fur Coat or Lively and Energetic via the Whiskas Malaysia Facebook page or normal post via Pos Malaysia using the contest form available at outlet selling Whiskas products near you. 

Each entry must be accompanied by proof of purchase of any Whiskas products purchased between 1 June and 31 July 2015. Each participant may submit multiple entries in all categories, of the same or different cats, but each submission must be accompanied by a different proof of purchase, and each person is only eligible for one prize.

Five contestants and their cats will be shortlisted from each category for the Grand Finale to be held on 3 October 2015 at AEON Ampang Utara 2 (AU2). The entries will be shortlisted in August and invitations sent to the 15 successful participants in September. All shortlisted participants will not go home empty handed. 

From the 15 shortlisted participants, one cat that epitomises the 3 key signs of a healthy cat will be crowned Whiskas National Cat of the Year 2015. The lucky cat and owner will take home RM10,000 in cash and a year’s supply of Whiskas products, while the Category Winner for each of the three categories will take home RM5,000 in cash and a 6-month supply of Whiskas products. The 11 other shortlisted participants will each take home a Consolation Prize of a 6-month supply of Whiskas products.

Find out more about the Whiskas National Cat of the Year 2015 contest at the Whiskas Malaysia Facebook page.


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