Jul 2, 2015

Cut short your skincare regime with this amazing product.....

I must confess, I tend to be lazy at times when it comes to going through my skin care regime and I will end up skipping whatever I can... after all, sometimes it does seem so much hassle to go through cleansing, toning, applying essence, moisturizer, eye cream, makeup primer, sun screen, etc...etc...  

I think this can be a hassle for a lot of working mothers who have to both juggle their kids as well as their careers. Anyone reading this feel it is a real hassle running through the full skin care regime? Hands up!!!

The Hada Labo 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel

Hada Labo, well known for it's PERFECT X SIMPLE” tagline, uses the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients to provide us with the ultimate result of beautiful skin minus unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil have launched the perfect all in one jar for all your skincare needs with the aim of simplifying your skincare routine. Its brand new 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel, which is added into the Perfect Gel range not only shorten your skincare steps but also delivers better efficacy. Now isn't that the answer to my prayer..... for a lazy woman like me... hehehe 

Yours truly trying out the Hada Labo 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel

The 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel acts as a Moisturizer, Essence, Mask, Makeup Base and Primer that comes with sun protection of SPF 50+ PA++++. Formulated to deliver intense and long lasting hydration to the skin, the UV Perfect Gel contains Nano Hyaluronic Acid combined with Hyaluronic Acid to ensure our skin stays moisturized the whole day through. It also has Vitamin C Derivatives, a powerful antioxidant to even out skin tone, enhance skin fairness and prevents dark spots.  

I really like that it glides on easily because of it's gel texture

As you can see in the picture above, it comes in a milky white light and non-greasy gel type texture. It is easily absorbed and penetrated into the skin and leaves our skin soft and supple all day long. I use it as a moisturizer and a day mask during the day. It really helps to restore moisture and freshens my skin to look much smooth & perfectly hydrated. The UV Perfect Gel is also pretty convenient  as it can also be used as a makeup base or face primer to prep the skin before makeup. It evens up the surface of the skin and helps makeup stay on longer. Isn't it just amazing...

My skin feels so refreshed and moisturized after application... and best of all it cuts down your skin care regime!!!

Besides the 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel, there are also two other gels you should check out.... the Hada Labo’s 3-in-1 Hydrating Perfect Gel which is perfect as a moisturizer, an essence and a sleeping mask all in one jar.  It contains five types of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, which includes 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronic Acid, Super Hyaluronic Acid & Nano Hyaluronic Acid) which provides excellent  moisture retention capacity, Hydrolyze Collagen to improve skin elasticity for a firmer and more lifted skin and Ceramide that continuously penetrates moisture into the skin for intense hydration and repairs dehydrated skin.

Last but not least, the Hada Labo’s 3-in-1 Whitening Perfect Gel is a combination of an essence, a sleeping mask and a moisturizer which rich gel texture provides long lasting hydration when you sleep. Prepare to be amazed when you wake up the next morning, to naturally radiant skin and also lighter skin tone. It contains Arbutin that helps lighten skin tone and dark spots to reveal healthy fair skin as well as Vitamin C that sloughs off dull skin caused by UV rays to offer the skin a natural radiant glow. Sounds awesome right... go ahead and check it out...

All Hada Labo’s Perfect Gel products are packed with the best hydrating ingredients. It is also pH balance and free from colorant, fragrance and mineral oil, which makes it just right for every skin type. Both the 3-in-1 Whitening Perfect Gel and 3-in-1 Hydrating Perfect Gel are great to be used as a moisturizer during the day and great as a sleeping mask before bedtime. They help to restores moisture, repairs and rejuvenates skin while you sleep and wakes you up with smooth & perfectly hydrated skin.

Go on, pamper your skin with the Hada Labo Perfect Gel after cleansing & applying lotion on your face. Spread a generous amount over the face and neck then gently massage the gel into your skin.

The Hada Labo 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel, 90g (RM94.90) , the 3-in-1 Whitening Perfect Gel, 80g (RM94.90) and 3-in-1 Hydrating Perfect Gel, 80g (RM94.90) are all available at pharmacies nationwide.

For more info, check out: https://www.facebook.com/MyHadaLabo


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