Jan 30, 2015

12 unique animal hybrids...

You probably thought you'd seen almost all the beautiful wild animals the world has to offer, but then they go and combine two to make an even more outstanding creature.

Check out these hybrids which are all pretty unique in their own ways and looks......

1. Wolfdog

Half wolf, half dog.

2. Zonkey

Half zebra, half donkey

3. Zorse

Half zebra, half horse

4. Wholphin

Half killer whale, half dolphin

5. Liger
Half male lion, half female tiger

6. Tigon

Half male tiger, half female lion

7. Leopon

Half leopard, half lion

8. Pumapard

Half puma, half leopard

9. Savannah Cat

Half serval cat, half domestic cat

10. Bengal Cat

Half domestic feline, half Asian leopard cat

11. Grolar Bear

Half grizzly bear, half polar bear

12. Cama

Half camel, half llama
I would love a baby Liger as a pet, but I understand Ligers can be pretty huge once they've grown up! Some of these animals are quite adorable looking while some others are a little freaky. However, it does make you ponder how many other animal combinations are out there waiting to be discovered right????

(taken from Viralnova and google)

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