Jan 28, 2015

Unbelievable affordable shopping at NILE.COM.MY

Have you heard about Nile.com.my before?
Nile.com.my is a website that sells a variety of items from pretty clothing, accessories and  certain household items at a very affordable and great price!!! You really should check out this site if you love a great bargain as there is definitely a lot of great stuff for amazingly unbelievable prices!!!!

As you can see, the website is easy to navigate and you will be enjoying Free Delivery if you order within the dates stipulated right up until 17th February.

With so many wonderful items , clothing and selection, even books, what more can anyone want... so what are you waiting for, do check it out, and don't miss out on these unbelievable bargains!!!

In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year in February, Nile.com.my is having a special giveaway for everyone... 

and well... if I happened to be the lucky winner... this would be what I would definitely be considering.... as I really am sooooooo attracted to these items and aren't they just so affordable........

I doubt I can find a cheaper ladies leather jacket then this!!! And it looks so pretty I am just in love with it...

I almost could not believe my eyes when I saw how much this dress was!! Can you?? www.nile.com.my is definitely allowing us to dress up elegantly for so much lesser!!!

This blouse is so pretty too and the price is also jaw dropping affordable...

Need a pair of elegant sunnies to complete the look? This would be perfect!!!

And I have always wanted a Foldable Backpack to bring along on my travels. It is definitely handy for extra luggage and shopping while outstation/ overseas!!!

Are you convinced yet you should be shopping at www.nile.com.my.... be sure to check it out and find amazing bargains and great savings while indulging yourselves!!!

Check it out : http://www.nile.com.my

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