Jan 5, 2015

Mitsubishi Electric - L4 Grande Refrigerators

Every home needs a refrigerator most of all. Without a refrigerator, it is like a human without a leg or an arm as it is the heart of every home. Thus, it is of utmost importance to choose your refrigerator very carefully as you will use it for a long, long time... ermm... years.... 

Mitsubishi Electric's refrigerators are reowned for cutting edge concepts and environmental friendly features, including the Vitamin Factory Technology and bottom freezer feature

Mitsubishi Electric are the first to introduce the new nano glass coating technology application to generate glass-like clarity and high-spangle surface effect for their refrigerators.

They have 10 patterns of compressor operation for more efficiency, durability and energy savings!!!

They have a multi fan system with 5 patterns of fan operation

Mitsubishi Electric introduces the Neuro Fuzzy System to make our lives so much easier with this smart system that can memorize our lifestyle and adjust our refrigerator system to optimal efficianct operation. Isn't that amazing... I know for sure when I have moved into my new home, I would love a new refrigerator like this one!!! It is simply amazing...

This is the  L4 Grande, Mitsubishi Electric's French-Door refrigerator designed for larger living.

It is BIG in capacity
BIG on function 
and BIG in design

It features : Anti Bacteria food liner, Deodorizer, Vitamin Factory, Door Alarm System, Door Auto Close, LED light and Egg case.

What I like most about it is  that it is very Energy Efficient and will has an Eco Mode that will automatically lowers the energy consumption level during non-peak hours.

It is also very easy to use with lots of utility room, and everything including the door pockets are all adjustable!!

I hated that my vegetables always seem to wither even when I keep it in my current refrigerator. Now, for the Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator, the vegetable case also comes with humidity control that are ideal for keeping your fruits and vegetables crisper and fresher for a longer period of time.

There is also a 'Vitamin Factory' in the vegetable compartment which are actually triple coloured LED lights which help to increase the vitamins  1.5 times in your vegetables since they act as a miniature sun inside the vegetable case.

This is another great feature for parents with small kids around the house. My youngest daughter is famous for spoiling most of the food inside my refrigerator because she knows how to open the refrigerator door but she does not know how to close it back properly, nor does she check. Many a times my freezer thaws and the food spoil because of this as well as I have a higher electricity bill to pay.

With this Door Alarm I can be reminded / notified  when the door is not shut properly in one minute... the longer the door is not shut, the shriller the alarm gets.

If the gorgeous L4 Grande is too big or grand for your home, do check out the smaller 2 door refrigerator.

Mitsubishi Electric 4 door or 2 door  refrigerators comes with a 10 year compressor  warranty. And they come with tempered glass shelves so solid you can even stand on the glass without it breaking... ahh... that is if you are below 100kg.... hehehe because their tempered glass shelves can actually withstand up to 100kg!!!  

They also have the Vitamin Factory and Minus Ion technology to increase moisture inside the fridge and to preserve the nutritional value of the food, not forgetting the Double Anti- Bacteria Food Liner used on difficult to clean areas of the fridge that regularly come into contact with food, again to enable the food stored in the fridge to be fresher for a longer period of time.

So there you have it.. if you are shopping around for a new refrigerator you seriously HAVE to consider all this!!! This is truly an amazing refrigerator to own!!!

Check out Mitsubishi Electric website here : http://www.mitsubishielectricmalaysia.com

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