Jan 18, 2015

How to grow your Twitter account fast

Started a new twitter account and  wondering how to get more followers fast? You really should consider Twiends.

Twiends is an amazing way to increase the amount of social users that you can connect with on a daily basis. I have been an active user of Twiends for the past few months  and I really benefited from it. From just a following of 600++ I have now grown my followers to 1000++ and counting.   I am here now to share with you how you can also benefit from using the amazing site.

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I heard that you can purchase fake Twitter followers from other services, and as a social media influencer, and blogger, I must admit I was tempted by this but I did not do it once I learned about all the negative effects of bots and such. Besides , doing this probably might makes your account look big… but it could be a big waste of time and a pain to manage because it will really slow down your Twitter account and you risk your twitter account getting frozen too.. 

You can now grow your  Twitter followers by using Twiends. You can then connect with all of your REAL Twitter followers and send them updates on your latest Tweets and also blog posts.

The thing I like best about Twiends is that it is FREE to use and you can start earning seeds just by signing up for an account and following other people through Twitter. At the same time you will also be gaining new followers in the process.

Instead of buying followers, using a site like Twiends allows you to connect with Twitter users that are already looking to follow people they may be interested. Twiends just makes the process a lot easier and they already have over 3 million users on their site, with thousands joining daily.

Log on and sign up at Twiends.com and watch your Twitter following grow through out 2015!


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