Jan 27, 2015

A blogger's life - just saying....

Being a blogger means you are a writer, you write your own stories and share them on your blog. There will be times some company will ask you to do a write up, sometimes they pay you decently well, sometimes not, sometimes they compensate you with vouchers, or great goodie bags.

There are so many different type of companies that are also different in many ways. I have had my share of great generous companies that pay us and give us great goodie bags and then there are some... which make us go errmmm.... Don't ask me who or where because I am 'just saying'... and I am not going to name names to protect everyone's interest and pride.

There is even some companies that will choose to differentiate bloggers and main stream media, and will give the main stream media better goodies and us the bloggers (aka thought of so call desperate people) lesser goodies. 

Bloggers like to argue about this because it is known main stream media gets only publicity for a few seconds or minutes on TV or radio, a day on newspaper or (maybe a bit longer on magazine) whereas once the article or review is in the blog, it is always there unless the blogger takes it down. It can be searched on anytime 24-7 , the whole year through.

And so these companies should learn to be fair to the bloggers. Afterall bloggers also use time and effort into writing a story as well as having to pay for their own transportation , fuel, parking etc to get from where they are to the event venue or so, whereas mainstream media's transportation charges and all probably can be reimbursed by their respective companies.

Bad experiences? I had a few..  There are some events where we were given nothing at all, no goodie bags or samples or such.... huhuhu ... and you expect us to write something nice about you????!! Errrmm....

Then there was this food review event I went to that was such a beautiful place with a gorgeous set up and the food was pretty decent, but the problem was 10 people were expected to share one dish. Even the soup.... imagine each of the 10 people spooning soup out from one average sized bowl, after taking pictures...... I think that was horrendous and there were other bloggers who complained about not knowing if the food was hot or cold as we tasted everything at room temperature.

And.... then there was a movie review that was delayed because of technical issues and delayed again and eventually cancelled. Fortunately, the cinema management and organizer were quick to pacify those present with pop corn, mineral water, free movie passes and a choice to watch any other movie there, so it wasn't so bad and those present were mollified.

Anyway, to all those who organize great events, parties and such for all of us bloggers out here, thank you!! You are the best and it is a great pleasure working with you and I hope we can always work together.... 


  1. well said Miera! its all about our efforts and some of them just take us for granted.

  2. hidup seorang blogger....go go miera...

  3. I read your thoughts, can't believe they still send press release!!! they are one that getting the income we are not ;(

    1. hehehe... it is up to you..if you want to share, then share it lo... if not, then just ignore....


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