Jan 10, 2015

How to catch Piranhas....

Even when from the moment these teeny tiny baby piranhas hatch from their microscopic eggs, they are already armed and dangerous. Baby piranhas will eat tiny crustaceans, fruits, seeds, and aquatic plants. 

Upon reaching 1.5 inches in length they start eating the fins and flesh of other fish that swim too closely to them. When they grow larger they will to venture out in groups (shoals) of about 20 fish where they use a variety of hunting strategies to kill and eat their prey. 

Actually, they don't kill their prey first, they just start eating the victim alive - that's what makes them so scary. Adult piranha is also known to eat their own babies. 

When a school of piranha are in a feeding frenzy the water looks like it is boiling and would churn red with blood. They will attack so agressively that they strip an animal of its flesh within a matter of minutes, sometimes even biting into each other in the process.

There are approximately 20 species of piranha found living in the Amazon River, with only four or five species that are dangerous. Most of the other piranha species are quite harmless but beware the red-bellied piranha, Pygocentrus nattereri. They are said to be the nastiest and most aggressive ones.

Piranhas are well known for their razor-sharp teeth. Some of the Natives of South America will catch the piranha and use their teeth to make tools and weapons. Check out the video above. But please don't try it at home. Every minute and every action is absolutely dangerous and even watching it makes me terrified the girl might fall into the water or one of those piranhas might just latch themselves to her hand.

Even the person who catch these vicious little predators have to be extremely careful when the fish is out of water. A single piranha out of water is still dangerous enough to take off the flesh, or the odd toe, from an unwary fisherman.

So do not attempt to try this at all..... !!!! Unless you are a professional...

The damage a single piranha can do....

(video taken from youtube and pictures via google)


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