Jan 15, 2015

Back to school 2015

Earlier this week, it was back to school for Malaysian school going children and also university /college students. About 4.88 million students in national schools throughout the country returned to school for the brand new school year.

The brand new school term for Malaysia was to have started on January 5 but was postponed for one week in because of the worst flood disaster that had badly affected several states in Peninsula Malaysia.

Anyway, among those returning to school was naturally, my little girl, my youngest daughter.

She was excited to be going back to school and meeting her old friends, and she caught up fast with one of her best friend just as she got into the school canteen, whilst waiting for the morning assembly...

Soon enough the bell rang, and the kids all began piling into the assembly area of the school to line up according to their classes.

This was quite a long assembly because they had to sing 4 songs, Negaraku, the Selangor State song, Malaysiaku Sudah Berjaya and also the school song.
Then they had to say their affirmation and prayers before they had to sit down to meet the teachers as well as listen to the Discipline teacher telling them the rules and regulations of the new school year, the Dos and Don'ts and all.....

Yours truly was being a busy body there even though my daughter was already a year 5 student out of curiousity and also while waiting for the school bookshop to open. Yeah... I am one of those "idiots" who buy the school books and exercise books all last minute...and the school bookshop only opens at 8.30am.... hmmmmppph

Anyway, halfway through the long tedious assembly which very much reminded me to my schooling days, I left to go and queue up to wait for the bookshop to open, then I bought the necessities which came up to almost whopping RM130 , left half of the books for my daughter and brought the other half back home.

When my little girl returned, she brought with her the new text books she received on loan from the  Government and school. Yes, we Malaysians are blessed and lucky the government helps us in many ways with education. I for one am very thankful for that along with a lot of parents,  except for some others, but I guess some people can never be happy with whatever they get.....huhuhu. But as it goes, we have to plastic wrap the text books and all within a week!!!

Yikes!!! and that sent me off into another frenzy of hunting for plastic wrappers for the books....

Anyway, my daughter's New Year's resolution is to study harder and do better in her school work.... and sure enough she was hard at work with her homework... her first official homework from school....


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