Jan 19, 2015

K-Much 1st Showcase in Malaysia

So yours truly and her little girl kid blogger Cutie Monkee was at the Quill City Mall for the Grand Launch which I will be sharing/ writing about next after this... and there was this hype over the new K-Pop group K-Much. 

To be honest,neither my little girl or I are such a big fan of K-Pop, but well, these guys are really quite neat.

K-Much is a four -member  South Korean boy band that debuted in 2014 under Chrome Entertainment. They began with 5 members but Loki the fifth member left the group in November. So now K-Much consists of Kiu, G.Low, BornUs and Ato

The group's original Korean name was Galmuchi which means "Snakehead" (or "Ikan Haruan" heheh), a popular health food here in Malaysia and also in Korea apparently, and in Korea, it symbolizes longevity. The name then officially changed to the English name which has all along been K-Much

K-Much was much anticipated and is a very promising K-Pop group, even way before their official debut.

K-Much's first mini album "Beyond the Ocean", consist of three tracks:, What Should I do", "I'm Sorry" and the single "Good to Go".

Here are the boys playing charades with some of their chosen fans....

The cheers from the fan girls were definitely ear splitting... to show how how crazy some of these girls are for these Korean K-Pop boys. 

Anyway the boys definitely had a lot of fun performing and playing games with their fans ...

They have pretty cool moves....

... and some smouldering looks....

...and cute faces...


Anyway, if you are a fan of K-Much or K-Pop and missed this showcase, don't be sad, the boys have plans to be back in Malaysia for more!!! So stay tuned!!

K-Much  1st Showcase here in Malaysia was presented by New Pro Star who has brought the hallyu wave to Malaysian ever since 2012 with a star studded line up from South Korea. These includes Running Man Sparta Kim Jong Kook, MIK, AlphaBAT, The Boss (DGNA) and EvoL.

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