Jan 21, 2015

Being a bookworm....

I love books. I am a certified bookworm. I can never live without books. They are my life.  
In my life I have read thousands of books. Some a couple of times , some a few times... 

On an average, I can read and finish a thick novel within 1-2 days... I would read it everywhere...In the car, in the train, anywhere and everywhere.

Yes, I am one of those airheads who has her head in some fantasy land and who actually prefer the company of books to people.

Books are after all my salvation, and my medication..I do suffer from stress and depression from time to time due to my childhood and also current lifestyle and besides travelling and being on the go,books are my escape from real life. They keep me sane and happy. When I was small, it was heading for an adventure with the Famous Five or the Secret Seven, it could also be solving mysteries with Nancy Drew and heading for fairy tale lands  created by Enid Blyton, the Brother Grimms and Hans Christian Andersen. 

Nowadays, it is always so much fun delving into some chic lit from Jackie Collins, Tasmina Perry, Tilly Bagshawe, Sophie Kinsella or even teenage fantasy book like Harry Potter , Twilight or the Mortal Instruments /Shadow Hunters series...or wild books like Fifty Shades....

Confession time...In fact my biggest crime I did in my life would be stealing books when I was younger.. when I was just a 13 year old kid... 

I was just so broke and my mother won't let me have any money for it.. and I so badly wanted those books, I stole them. It did weigh on my conscience but I also derived a little satisfaction from there. 
However, I got caught and was given a tongue lashing from the school principle back then and a firm warning from the book company as they knew who I was... Huhuhu... Embarassing huh..

Sadly, none of my children really inherited my hunger for books, no matter how I tried to inculcate it into them. Yes, they like going to bookshops.. and going through the books, my youngest love to buy a book but the books are rarely read finished in a short period of time...

Isn't that such a pity.. They can never experience or enjoy books like I do....

(pictures, quotes are for illustration/ decorative purposes only and taken from google.com)



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    1. me too..... and yaaayyy for another fellow book reader...

  2. Aiyooo...it's okay. Our kids are different. What to do. I'm a bookworm too...but my son dun like reading too.

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  6. I was never a bookworm in my entire life.

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