Mar 21, 2014

30 days challenge - Day 10

Day 10- Discuss your first love and first kiss....

errrmmm... hmmm..... ahhh.... ok. First love? Hmm....  I really don't know what to say. My first love if it was in school definitely did not know I exist. LOL.

My first love out of school was when I was 17+ or 18 whom I dated for a little while, was the small factory's head supervisor and my boss's brother in law.

My first kiss? Gross. Enough said!!!


  1. First love is a radiant dawn that colors the canvas of our memories with hues of innocence and discovery. It's a symphony of emotions, a tender melody that resonates in the heart forever. The magic lies in the spontaneity, the pure joy of exploring uncharted emotions. It's a timeless chapter where every stolen glance, every shared secret, creates a mosaic of precious moments. First love is a cherished gem, an indelible mark on the journey of self-discovery, teaching us the power of vulnerability and the beauty of embracing the unknown. It's a chapter we revisit with a smile, forever etched in the tapestry of our lives.

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