Mar 29, 2014

30 days challenge - day 12

Day 12- Bullet your day.  (And it is a coincidence today happens to be very challenging, hey?)
* 6.30am woke up
* 7.30am started blogging /editing blogs
* 8.30am prepared breakfast for my girls. Today we had omelette with sausages.
* 9.00am read emails and wake husband up.
* 9.30am took bath and get ready to leave house
* 10.00am waited for bus/ taxi

* 11.50am arrived in Shah Alam. My friend and colleague, Abg Nan and his wife Kak Ana picked me up and we went to Teluk Panglima Garang in Banting.. like 70 km away from where I live.
*  12.30pm received a phone call from my step daughter saying my husband is having a stroke.
*  1.15pm left after putting on a pleasant face and wishing the beautiful newly weds all the best.
* 2.15pm reached Hospital Selayang. My in laws were all here already. Abg Nan and Kak Ana were very kind to have sent me straight to the hospital. Children are distraught.
*2.45pm went home with my mother in law to change into more comfortable clothes and collect some things.
* 3.30pm arrive back at hospital. Get to see my nephew , my husband's late brother's son. Have not seen him in a while.
*4.30pm sit in the waiting area with little daughter. Constantly check on husband.
*5.00pm took my daughters back home to settle them in and get some bread for them
*6.00pm rest and watch Lan Ling Wang reruns with my eldest daughter
*7.00pm buy Mc D from the drive thru and go to hospital to keep my poor sick hubby company.
*8.30pm hubby finally got a bed at the medical ward 9D and is sent there from the emergency ward.
*9.00pm hubby gets checked out by the doctors.
*11.00pm get some shut eye time. It's no fun sleeping in the hospital whether as a patient or the next of kin as there are too many interruptions and also no comfortable familiar bed... but have to sacrifice a bit...
Nighty night... end of today's very challenging challenge


  1. hubby was admitted before differ sitiation.. x allow overnight with him..

    Anyway be strong



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