Mar 4, 2014

Breakfast at Garden Terrace, Lost World of Tambun

 I woke up, look outside the window from my hotel and saw this... Could not resist taking the picture... Lovely green hills of Tambun....

 Our breakfast venue was somewhat 'weird' to me at first. I was told to walk from the hotel to the entrance of the Lost World theme park. And so I did... and I found this...

 Little daughter and the buffet spread.. It was basically simple dishes but quite yummy..

 Here are some of the food I eat. What can I say I love trying everything but in small portions... that's the way to actually appreciate any buffet spread anyway right????

Ok, the koay teow soup does not have black soup in case you were wondering.. I added the cili kicap or soy sauce and chilli inside... that's why it looks like it has black colored soup...


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