Mar 10, 2014

Flashback USA trip- Mc Call, Idaho

Ok, this picture is not in Mc Call, but rather at a friend's home in Boise, Idaho. McCall is located 100 miles north of Boise on the Payette River Scenic Byway. The drive to Mc Call is simply amazing with lovely views and river rapids.

McCall is a resort town on the western edge of Valley County, IdahoUnited States. Named after its founder, Tom McCall, it is situated on the southern shore of Payette Lake, near the center of the Payette National Forest

The beautiful and serene Payette Lake in Mc Call, Idaho. You can opt to take a cruise here or just sit and enjoy the gorgeous scenic view.

Some cabin lodges. These are solely made from Pine logs. They are simply amazing and beautiful and you can rent them if you like since Mc Call is a resort area and there are many different lodges you can actually rent and stay for a few days. 

I understand that it snows during winter here at Mc Call and there are winter activities here as well. 

So if you happen to be in USA and want something different from the norm, you should check out this lovely place.

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